Will your governor stand up against tyranny?

Primaries are your secret weapon

**Content for this blog came from discussion with Leah Wilson, Executive Director of Stand for health Freedom, and from “Advocacy Lifeline with Dawn Richardson,” Episode 14 at 48:42, February 14, 2022. 

Imagine this: There’s talk of another lockdown in your state. You know the devastation it will cause so you pick up the phone and call your governor’s office. You let them know your concerns. You tell others to do the same. The next week you see a headline that your governor will keep businesses and schools open. Your voice was heard.

This is not a fantasy. This happens when we build relationships with people who will represent us. The primaries give us an amazing opportunity to do just that.

How will the 2022 primaries help us fight federal tyranny?

When the federal government issues an order or guidance or other health policy, your governor can choose or refuse compliance. When the CDC changes their hive-mind about masks again, your governor decides whether the state will mandate. When vaccine mandates were pushed from the White House, governors aligned with attorneys general to sue. Health and welfare are the constitutionally protected domain of the states, but COVID policy has attacked the right of states to protect the health of their residents.

In 2022, 36 governors across the U.S. will face voters. These races are critical for the liberty of all Americans. Governors will either set the tone for cultural freedom or pave the way for bad policies to continue. Some governors championed health freedom over the past two years, and some destroyed it. If you live in a state where your informed consent and health privacy were trampled on, you’ll want to be extra vigilant about finding a gubernatorial candidate who will fight for you and your family because we know the White House will keep pushing to control local health decisions.

Michigan is one such state. Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Garrett Soldano, a chiropractor and small-business owner, founded Unlock Michigan to energize citizens of the state to take a stand against COVID lockdown policies that harmed small businesses and drove people to leave the state. He mobilized over half a million Michiganders to speak out against Governor Whitmer’s oppressive mandates and lockdowns through a successful lawsuit. He is now taking that energy one step further by tossing his hat in the ring to become the Republican Party candidate.

Check out this interview with Soldano by SHF’s Executive Director Leah Wilson to get a feel for why the primary is so important for races across the nation.

Your choice for governor will affect the level of privacy you will have in future health decisions for your family. It will affect how you can school your children, as well as what they may learn. The decision impacts business, which drives job growth and eventually population in your state. Soldano explains how common-sense solutions can hold the line in the state’s top office while citizens take back liberties that were stolen from them by federal pandemic policies. He knows that “America’s greatest asset is the people.”

So, who cares about primaries?

People who want their voices heard and their candidates in office care about primaries. Smart voters know their votes matter even more in primaries than in general elections.

Primaries give you the most bang for your buck

  • Your vote has even more of an impact. Primaries historically have low voter turnout. If you cast a vote where 1 million people are voting, your one-in-a-million vote doesn’t weigh in as much as when you cast a vote with 1000 other people.
  • This is the best time to get one-on-one time with your candidate. During the primaries, the candidates want to talk with you. They want to hear what issues are important to the people they want to represent. The time to build relationships is now. Once your candidate is elected, they will be busy with bills and other duties of their office. Their time will be very limited and their focus pulled in many directions.
  • Your candidate will remember you helped get them there. Right now, a candidate’s focus is on the voters. While you get to know them, you will let them get to know you and how you can help them while they’re in office. Candidates are human, and humans are driven by relationships.
  • If you want your values represented in the general election, vote now. Primaries are the way political parties choose who runs in the general election. Many people simply vote along party lines. They trust their party chose the best person for the job; they assume the candidates’ views are aligned with their party. They let the party do their thinking for them. But you know within a party there are many differing views. The primaries are the time to make sure your values and priorities are the focus of the candidates representing the party. The party’s priorities and positions for the general election are decided on in the primaries.

What do you do when you find a candidate you like?

When you find a candidate you like, support them. Donate to their campaign, go to or call their campaign office and ask how you can volunteer to help. Show up for them and show them how many others will do the same. When they are elected, they will remember your help and support. They will remember your passion for the issues and your ability to get engaged with the political process.

Health freedom is at the front of everyone’s mind after years of pandemic policy. We can use the primaries as leverage to shift the momentum in America back to respect for our health, our bodies, our privacy, our families, and our Constitution.

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