The Danger of History Repeating Itself With Vaccine Passports: An Interview With Ilana Rachel Daniel

In this video, Stand for Health Freedom Executive Director and Co-founder Leah Wilson interviews Ilana Rachel Daniel, who began sharing about the drastic occurrence of events rolled out for digital tracking and compulsory COVID-19 vaccination use in Israel earlier this year. Ilana warns that history of a segregated, two-class society, is starting to repeat itself with the introduction of health passports and the obvious similarities between the way gold stars and required “show me your papers” documentation were used during the Holocaust.

Are Vaccine Passports the “Ticket” to Reclaiming Our Freedom?

Ilana shares her alarming observations and experiences over the unjust repercussions she sees happening in Israel over the controversial and untested policy and clear discrimination ramifications of health passports, which are being sold to the global public at large as the “ticket” to re-enter society and bring people their “freedom” back after lockdowns. Health Passports do anything but free the population. Ilana shares her deeply held concerns and the mounting evidence that Israel is already preparing their citizens to line their “sleeves and children up” to receive experimental COVID-19 injections later this year.

Act Now America: Say NO To Vaccine Passports

Vaccine Passports usher in a new era of segregation and medical apartheid and must be opposed. Countries around the world are rolling out plans for vaccine passports, certificates showing proof of vaccination for COVID-19. Let your governor and state and federal lawmakers know that health passports have no place in a free society. Personal choice, not coercion or intimidation tactics, must be *the* only factor in getting a COVID vaccine. TAKE ACTION

Ilana Rachel Daniel Interview Transcription

The entire interview between Leah Wilson and Ilana Rachel Daniel has been transcribed and is available below, with permission to quote and source material from, so long as an attribution link to this article is used as a citation for the original interview, as well as a link to the Vaccine Passport call to action campaign.


Leah Wilson: Greetings! Leah Wilson here, with Stand for Health Freedom, and I have Ilana Rachel Daniel with me today. She is a human rights activist, a writer and a health adviser from Israel. And the reason that we brought her here is to talk about one of the most important issues of our time, and that is, vaccine passports. They are being sold globally as the ticket to re-enter society and get people their freedom back after more than a year of lockdowns across the globe.

So Ilana has been standing up in her country against the creation of a two-class society, and this has all been done through the use of the vaccine passports and the system that they’ve created there. So we wanted to talk with her today about the alarms that she has been sounding and the destruction that she’s seeing there.

So thank you so much, Ilana, for taking the time to be with us. If you could just start by telling us what you see going on in Israel today.

Ilana Rachel Daniel: Thanks a lot for having me, Leah. So the shortest version I can give, because we all know we’ve had such concentrated, overwhelming change, everybody in their own right, from their own country, over these past 14 months. But obviously, since December, Israel has taken the lead in the most extraordinary undertaking by our Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who signed up the entirety of the Israeli people to be test subjects to the experimental mRNA technology.

So we were informed without any democratic due process—also, it should be understood that there is something that most people don’t know—we’re actually under a 30-year confidentiality act where we cannot know any of the doings, conversations, discussions, happening in our Corona Committee. So we have complete opacity from our government, and we were just informed from one day to the next that by the end of March, that would see us, all of us, vaccinated.


They’d made as good as they could on that since then with, again, if you’re going to believe the numbers that come out of mainstream, not necessarily what I would recommend, but let’s say, at least five-something of our nine-million Israeli citizens, in our very, very tiny country, have been injected with this experimental technology.

So then that has been done without democratic due processes, done without informed consents, and that has been done without any, even public discourse of a risk benefit analysis.

And I say that that continues on when someone is given the injection, they are quite literally sat for 15 minutes to make sure there’s no anaphylactic shock or some more alarming thing happen, and then sent on their way without so much as a sheet of paper listing any side effects to look out for, or who to call in case that that happens.

So up until now, we would assume that most of the people who were interested in being part of this study probably have already taken it. And what you have now is those of us leftover who are not willing to risk this study, being part of this study. You see a real aggressive, really desperate attempts from our government, coercive, forceful methods, to get us to participate.

There’s so much to say, and I want to be clear that there’s an actual contract, a physical contract, probably more than one that exists between Pfizer, a well-known pharmaceutical company that has been in the news for many of its atrocities over the years, that includes a penalty clause.


So the only thing that the Israeli people have seen of that Pfizer contract that exists is a redacted media release version—so we don’t know exactly what it entails. We know that part of the deal was because Israel has fantastic, digitized health records many decades back. So we don’t know what part of our private medical records are being passed over to this outside entity.

We don’t know actually just about anything.

What we do know is that this is an epidemiological endeavor. This is not an experiment on the Israeli people to discover what adverse events might come out of this brand-spanking new technology that has never been tested out on the human population. This is, one, to see whether a herd immunity can be achieved, and the desperation that we see from our government is really because, and obviously, they need to reach a certain number—whether that’s 80% of us, or 90% of us, or 95%. One can’t say, or I can’t say. But we understand that it makes the whole endeavor an all or nothing.

So again, people seem to not understand what force means. Force is more than holding someone down and injecting them against their will. Every single creature on the planet spends at least part of its day seeking its sustenance. And if you threaten people that they cannot go to work and earn their living, I’m going to go ahead and call that force, call that a threat of such force that one cannot provide for their family.


So we have that on. What’s happening in just these short four months has really been extraordinary. We have gone from the absolute obvious well-known knowledge that this is an experiment that we know virtually nothing about this virus.

One of the most fundamental things about what we take for granted in making a vaccine is a really well-explored knowledge of the virus itself. But what do you hear all the time? We don’t understand what long-haulers are. There’s so much we don’t know about the virus, yet we have taken a brand new technology and stuff them into the vials, and it’s hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

But what happens in Israel is even though across the globe, the BBC Berlaar, the CEO of Pfizer, our own Prime Minister, has referred to us as guinea pigs or the world’s lab.

Here in Israel, it’s a very taboo to pretend, to speak like that, we are in an experiment, even though, quite obviously, that’s what this is. We’re in clinical trials into the next two years. That’s what this is, and our government is in the process of ordering 60-million doses.

I mentioned already, nine million. What do you do with 60-million doses for nine million people? You give them, as our Prime Minister has made clear, four shots a year.

So as I [come] for the main reason, that’s just part of what’s been happening, but the main point is that, really, I see that this all culminates in this Green Pass.


The Green Pass is alive and well here in Israel. And what that means is, if I can show that I’ve had two shots or recovery with this serological test, then I can get my Green Pass, which must be renewed every six months.

So your freedom, conditional freedom, which is not actually freedom at all, your conditional freedom expires every six months and requires another two shots. It’s an absurdity that, really, we can only wait to see what will change from one day to the next. As really, what we see, our leadership become increasingly unhinged.

So what this Green Pass has already shaped up to show is not only are disallowed entry into the institutions that we, tax-paying, law-abiding, healthy citizens, support, so you have all these activities—restaurants, theaters, hotels, gyms, pools—all of these types of things. But in reality, it’s actually much, much more than that. It’s Synagogues, it’s choir groups, it’s people’s homes.

It’s really extraordinary. And I want to be very clear why I’m speaking about the things that I am speaking about because so many aspects of this are mind-blowing.

We’re still in the process of living it and battling against it, that to really stop and take it all in really is mind-blowing how quickly we have adopted this absolute medical apartheid, this division between Class A and Class B citizenry, how it easy it was to do. And you’re talking, and I can never emphasize this enough, of a really small country, really closely-knit, really dependent on each other. It’s really extraordinary that it could be this easy.


We were talking about a few weeks ago, we had Passover. So you had people uninvited to Seder tables.

I walk into someone’s—I had reason to visit someone I did not know, and upon entry, knocking on the door, they said, “Are you vaccinated?” It was, “Hi, My name is Ilana,” and the question was, “Are you vaccinated,” before I stepped foot across the threshold.

It’s extreme. And what’s extreme is also people’s ability to lose what they knew, which is, of course, that this always targeted the age 65 and older, and those with co-morbidities, as does every single infection, specifically target those who are older and with co-morbidities. And that children, that was the saving grace of this, was that, thank goodness, our children were pretty much okay


So what you’ve taken is a virus, which I know is arguable in many communities, that targeted a very specific sector that could have been—we could have had some nuance to our policy, and protected them. And what we have created is a rot from within that will surely come to damage every single one of us. Every single one of us.

And I come here to say that in this country—I’m American and I’m Israeli. What I grew up with the ideals and freedoms and understandings as an American, and what I bring into this country as a Jew and as the idea of this homeland and this place of our refuge. And I can tell you that never had you quizzed me at any point could I have imagined that we would have manipulated our population to experiment on our pregnant women and on our children.


I am telling you this not to say, “Oh, how horrible is my government,” because what I understand is what is being used here is absolutely a model for the rest of the world. It is not unique how our government is behaving. Only, we get a little less, like I said, of the nuance.

If we’re told what to do from one day to the next, or let’s do the more American/European who really ought to, until they work it into law.

I’m telling you, the extraordinary has happened. The unthinkable has happened, is happening. In fact, I stand here with you, I’m sitting, but I sit here with you, and I say that what the next intention for us is made clear.

I’m going to give you a quote right now. The next stage of this injection program is for our children.

We have been told that in May, they’re moving it down. We have swiftly gone through the entirety of the population, all the way down to our 16-year-olds, 16-year-old children who have themselves had extraordinary—again, these things are not consistent. You can’t walk into every single school or every single city, and say that all of these things happen.

I can tell you with certainty that down the road, there’s a school that one of our 16-year-olds was threatened that she would not be able to come and take her matriculation exams if she didn’t.

Another 17-year-old who had received both shots, when asked how that came to be. She said, “Oh, I got an e-mail from the Ministry of Education who said, ‘Do you miss school? Would you like to go back? Click on this link,’” which linked her to an appointment at the local clinic to get an injection.


And I’m going to read you this quote from Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, “We are preparing for another vaccine campaign in around six months. So get your shoulders ready and children. Because we estimate that by then, vaccines will be approved for children.”

So what you see is, again, if you have numbers, you have this herd immunity to achieve, you’re going to need the children to get those numbers in.

Leah Wilson: What is the approval look like there in Israel? Here in the U.S., it’s under EUA, so it’s Emergency Use Authorization. There is an FDA approval. Are you under a similar situation there in Israel?

Ilana Rachel Daniel: We get it straight from the U.S. Our Prime Minister has gone on record, and I’d be more than happy to send you over that video right before our holiday Purim, we dress up, it’s comparable to Halloween, where our Prime Minister, which he has done on several occasion, went on and said, “Yes, this drug, this injection has FDA approval,” which of course, we know. All we got to do is go onto the website and see that absolutely, it’s only emergency authorized.

So when he says approval, he means authorization.

Leah Wilson: So you use the U.S. designations. You adopt them in Israel. And does Israel have any sort of recourse? If someone is injured or dies? Or do you have the same immunity that we have in the U.S. where you cannot sue the vaccine manufacturer?


Ilana Rachel Daniel: Exactly the same. Israel has always, has for many years, modeled its medical system after the U.S. So 100%, we follow directly. There is no liability, not to the manufacturer, not to our government. But in any case, Leah, even if we were going to sue someone, we will have to acknowledge the fact that there were adverse events taking place.

So what you have, and I realize, of course, it’s not even just here in Israel, what is so extraordinary is that there is no, not a single mention on the mainstream media, of adverse reactions, other than probably the most absolutely extreme and immediate.

It’s really extraordinary, and we have to ask why. Again, what we have here is only citizen efforts, which have been really extraordinary in recording the adverse reactions. But as I was sent a bunch of things last night, it made me think, “Well, literally, the world over were pretending like nothing is happening.”

And not only do you have such an incredible range of bizarre things happening, extraordinary, catastrophic events of the body, you have so many people who are afraid to even mention it. I can tell you here in Israel, people are afraid to even report, even on one of these citizen efforts. They’re afraid to tell their neighbor that they had it because that is how strong the social pressure has become.

Leah Wilson: Wow. And do you see people in Israel—how many, would you say, half population, just a little bit, or most of the population, feels like history is repeating itself? Feels like, saying, “Show me your papers.” We’re entering into a population-based experiment. What is the feel there among the population?

Ilana Rachel Daniel: Obviously, that’s super sensitive area, to compare anything to the Holocaust and to what happened, yes, to so many people. But yes, very specifically, to the Jews. It’s so incredibly sensitive. So I can say that for myself, I never ever—I myself, when learned more in depth about the Holocaust, you really understand that language and that analogy to be very sacred to what happened.

So I had never made that comparison until now. Until now, I do not see how you cannot. And I think that those people waking up, who are seeing things closer to how I see, are making those comparisons. And I think there are more and more people understand because you watch such desperate aggression that you start to feel uncomfortable with it, obviously.

I think even people who are invested in believing the mainstream, and there is so much investment in that. And I think, very specifically in Israel, which I’ll say later. But I don’t think that you can—on the day that this audio clip that I made that ended up going quite far and around the world, was the morning that they made legislation which has since been blocked to allow our medical records transferred to local municipalities.

Leah Wilson: So that’s been blocked now.

Ilana Rachel Daniel: That’s been blocked. That’s been blocked. But they did it and they passed it. And I don’t think you could get a more 1930s example than that. So I do think more people wake up.

But using the idea, we’re using these yellow stars and stuff, again, it was something I never did before. And now, I don’t see how you can’t see it.

But when you have the likes of Vera Sharav, a well-known Holocaust survivor, and that woman [unintelligible 00:18:53], speaking out, saying, “We know what this looks like. We’ve seen this before.”


If we’re not listening to them, then what on earth was all the blather, all the never again, what was it all for if not for now?

And I thought that a colleague of mine, [unintelligible 00:19:15] said it really well. We already saw. The truth is, we saw really alarming statistics in the past couple of years of Holocaust days, or we’ve heard of American kids today not believing the Holocaust really happened, or that it couldn’t have been that bad, it couldn’t have been on the scale. So already, we saw very concerning statistics, as far as the actual education.

But what he said was when people were taught, what they’re taught is the final solution. What you’re taught is that you see the horrific, gut-wrenching atrocities that happened.

We were not taught the lead-up, how did we get there. And these are the steps that were taken on how to get there.

And that is exactly what we’re trying to say right now.

Leah Wilson: I’ve spoken to Vera about the whole concept of worthless eaters, and the government choosing winners and losers. And then the entire notion of specific people based on your Green Pass or whatnot being dirty, being dangerous, creative a subset of the population that is “untouchable” is something that our children aren’t learning in most schools today. That what it looks for government to scare you into compliance with something that we probably would have considered unethical without the tenderizing of the population.


So wow. And what are you seeing in the day-to-day life there with those who opt out of the Green Pass, or is it even possible to opt out of the Green Pass?

Ilana Rachel Daniel: As of now, it’s still possible. You can still make your way around. I want to really emphasize, they’re making it harder and harder. Because obviously, if you want to fly, you are absolutely subject to whatever changes on a very, very dynamic basis.

As of now, obviously, I will not participate in their Green Pass, but where that will take, I cannot say. What you need to understand is those people who have been able to show recovery, that’s only until, I think, June 30th. As of June 30th, everyone who has showed recovery to be part of the Green Pass is also going to be faced with the “have to vaccinate or not vaccinate.”

And again, of course, it’s so bizarre to even call it vaccine because we know very well that it does not really resemble, except in very small way, any true vaccination.

Although this for a medical intervention, an experimental medical intervention, that doesn’t have one iota of an opportunity to stop transmission.

As we have been told by every authority, and what they’re doing as well, and they’ve also made it clear that they are lessening the ability to take the serological tests, [I understand.] So they’re making it almost all but impossible to even take the test that you could take to show you’re recovered, to go ahead and [unintelligible 00:22:24].


So we’ll see things—and again, I think as time goes on, and as we see what will happen with the children. There is no mandate to vaccinate in Israel as of now, and whether that will happen, and then we have a lot of concerned parents. Even people fully on board up until a certain point, whether there will be a mandate, you’ll see a lot of people considering what their options will be, come fall, for their kids.

Leah Wilson: The passports for a product that are still in clinical trials, where we don’t know the effectiveness, like you said. Transmission is not prevented and the safety has not been proven.

We’ve had one of the products even be stopped because of alarming side effects, another product be renamed.

So we’re moving in a direction that makes less and less sense. And that’s why we’re seeing this extreme amount of force. Our heart goes out to all of you in Israel, not knowing what the contract is with your government, between the government and Pfizer, not knowing what that threshold is that they’re seeking, or when they’ll stop, or how far this goes.

What can we do help in Israel? Is there anything that we can be doing?

Ilana Rachel Daniel: Well, I appreciate the question, and I really wish I had a real clear action point to tell everybody to do. The [yoke] is pretty big, so finding clarity in all of it, it’s still a process.

I can tell you that here in Jerusalem, we thought, “How can we very specifically protest?” Because protest have had limited success here in Israel, but we have the desire to see the tens of thousands on the streets like you’ve seen in Europe. But what we decided what we would, and we’re planning that now, to take place in the next week, maybe a week and a half, is an interfaith prayer, which is not something that generally happens here in Israel, and particularly, in Jerusalem.


Really getting everyone together to very specifically address this 12 to 15 because it will be 12 to 15, and then we will go down to the nines, and then we will just keep on going down lower and lower. And it’s incredibly important that people understand that this is a model intended for everyone.

Whatever they decide, and the statistics, they manipulate and [call] scientific data, is exactly what will be used to bring this out on the children of the world.

So once I get this unity prayer, I will absolutely send that out to you because I am 100% of the mind that we have to save ourselves. That God saves you by you saving yourself, that you take action, you move, and you create a vessel to receive more direction in one way or the next. And I really mean that open for everyone, spiritually—it doesn’t matter whichever perspective you see that from—energy, the world, spirituality.

I think we’re all understanding that this whole dystopian darkness, this totalitarianism, this terror that they’re bringing on us, there are places you can [unintelligible 00:25:51]. At some point, you have to understand it’s bigger.

And I feel both sides of that really poignantly. I think that the more people that I talk to, and the more actions that I myself take, and that our community and our groups of activists take, you see how much power you really do have to make change. And I really encourage every single person.


I think it has to happen on three different levels—the local, the very local, the what needs do you see in your community, what do the parents need to be supportive, so that they can keep their kids out of school, if that’s it, what are your food source, your water source. How do you make your community livable outside of this very mainstream darkness that they’re creating?

And I think on the national level—legislative, court system.

Even if you know that the end might be rigged, I think that going through a process is still demonstrative. It brings something.

And again, internationally, which is understanding that these connections that we make is 100%, this global force that will move us forward, that it will be crucial because your win will be my win. It is 100% we’re relying on each other, and we will support each other. And that will also continue to be dynamic what we see throughout the world.

And I really do believe that right now, they are pushing hard in the European Parliament, they’re pushing for the Green Pass very strongly. And we know that that’s also coming from our government because their Green Pass legitimizes ours, and then once you have that happening here, then it’s going to continue to spread.

And so you have America, really, positioned in a place that with this gap of time you have, to play the offense as aggressively as you can. You don’t want to be in a position defending your freedoms. You want them established before this reaches your shores because be assured, this is 100% a plan for America as much as anywhere.


And I encourage that in every way possible, and I say into however, whatever guarantees you have already had from your local and your federal governments, I would say that no matter how blue the sky is, when you’re in hurricane country, and you get a valid warning, you get your toilet paper and your eggs or whatever, and you bar your windows. And this is what I’m saying.

I’m saying this is America’s chance to really shine, all of these values. You are right on the battle. You are positioned to really—with such clarity, this doesn’t have to be complicated. This doesn’t even have to be a [unintelligible 00:28:52] black and white, pro and anti, a vaccine issue.

The merits of this experimental technology, as much as it must be discussed, is secondary to the primary one of freedom, of ability to choose. Ability to choose, that’s what we built these countries based on. That my bodily [unintelligible 00:29:15], my self-determination, this is where the wars are being played out today.

They don’t need to be with guns and that type of thing. It’s in the mind and it’s in the body, and if I do not have final say of what happens to my body, then I am not free. If my press is not free and my speech is not free, I am not living in a free country.

And I want to say that something I have felt over different periods of lockdowns and whatnot, throughout the year, I understood something about free choice, about what that means to have free choice. And I realized at some point that when they took it away from us, they took away our ability to choose. They were taking away so much of our ability to choose that it became clear to me that that is really what where our joy of life comes together, in that free choice.


Free choice is your ability to learn, it’s your ability to make change, it’s your ability to do better, it’s your hope for the future. And I think we are learning what many people in different parts of the world have already long since known, what the value of free choice is.

And this is, I think, one of the primary values that America has sat on, and this is really where people could come together, whether they’ve taken this injection or not. We get to all say, “Choice first.”

Leah Wilson: It’s so good. Thank you so much for those words. I know that you are in a unique position to speak into this issue right now, in this time and history, and for us to learn from what you’re going through, and receive the words that our win will be your win. Across the globe, if one of us wins, it’s holding that line back to say that there is another option, that this is not going to be the way that the population as a whole [unintelligible 00:31:08] comes to.

And really, what you defined as the significance of free choice is so important, as we are being taught and told in just day after day, told that we should no longer value our freedom at the behest of what we should be afraid of.

And we know that as independent citizens that we cannot bow to that type of fear and sacrifice the future of our children and our grandchildren as we step through this crisis.

So I so appreciate you taking the time to share with us, Ilana. It is enlightening and it’s empowering for us to recognize that taking a stand ourselves can make a difference, and we have no other option.


Just like you said, we hear so many people saying, “Well, elections are rigged, and things like this are going wrong,” but we can’t just go home and not oppose things that we see as detrimental to humanity.

So I want to leave you with one more thing today, and that is the opportunity to stand up in both Canada and the U.S. by contacting your local officials in your state, and at the federal level, and your governor, to say, “We do want what Ilana was saying. We want laws written that protect us proactively that say we will not have a two-class society created based on vaccine status, and that we want more for our children and our grandchildren.”

So text the number 313131. Use the word, “Stand.” So it’s the word, “Stand,” S-T-A-N-D, to 313131, and you will get a link to take a stand today, opposing vaccine passports.

Thank you so much.

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The overmedication of children in foster care as a form of behavior management is what compelled Leah to become an advocate and foster parent. During her time as a court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children, Leah witnessed the rampant use of psychiatric drugs among foster kids. She also discovered that, in addition to many extensive requirements, the state had a policy that all foster children and foster families be fully vaccinated, without exception. Through her involvement in law, health and the foster care system, it became abundantly clear to Leah that the single most important issue affecting child welfare in the United States is the practice of one-size-fits-all medicine via medical mandates. This motivated Leah to expand her advocacy beyond foster care to all children nationwide and to start Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) in 2019.

A graduate of the Saint Louis University School of Law, Leah holds dual bachelor degrees in political science and Spanish from Indiana University. In addition to her advocacy work with SHF, Leah is the owner and former operations director of MaxLiving Indy, one of the largest natural health centers in the Midwest. She is also an educator on holistic health as well as a sought-after speaker on issues ranging from religious rights to greening your home.

“Parental rights and religious freedom are God-given natural rights that cannot arbitrarily be taken away by government authorities. Parents are the single most important factor in a child’s success; I stand in full support of this sacred relationship.”

Sayer JI

Director and Co-founder

Sayer Ji is a widely recognized researcher, author, lecturer, activist, and educator on natural health modalities. Among his many roles, he is an advisor to Stand for Health Freedom, a reviewer and editor of the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, an advisory board member of the National Health Federation, a steering committee member of the Global GMO Free Coalition, and the co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed Inc., a revolutionary scientific validation framework.

Most notably, Sayer is the founder of, the world’s most widely referenced, evidence-based natural health resource of its kind. He founded the platform in 2008 to provide an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. Today, has more than a million visits per month, serving as a trusted resource on myriad health and wellness topics to physicians, healthcare practitioners, clinicians, researchers and consumers worldwide.

Sayer attended Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where he studied under the notable American philosopher Dr. Bruce W. Wilshire. He received a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy in 1995, with a focus on the philosophy of science. His new book, Regenerate: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience through the New Biology, was released in March 2020 and is an Amazon bestseller.

“I truly believe that education will be our greatest shield against accelerating the erosion of civil liberties, including the right to bodily sovereignty, as well as the greatest catalyst for positive change on this planet moving forward.”

Bailey Kuykendoll

Associate Director

Designer and visual marketer Bailey Kuykendoll began advocating for health and religious freedom and parental rights in 2014 after learning she was pregnant. A self-described skeptic, she’s not afraid to ask questions and do copious amounts of research to reach her own conclusions.

She’s also not afraid of hard work. As SHF’s Associate Director, Bailey truly keeps the organizational boat afloat. Working closely with our State Directors in each state, she ensures that SHF has calls-to-action for health-freedom bills and petitions on our website and across social media, spreading the word to encourage people to contact their legislators. She builds campaigns, graphics, website pages, and relationships.

Bailey earned a design degree from Harrington Institute of Design in 2008. She then served as a production assistant on several shows for HGTV, followed by working behind the scenes on the X Factor, small indie films, music videos, and documentaries. Bailey joined Health Freedom Florida after moving to the East Coast, becoming co-president of the grassroots organization in 2019. While at Health Freedom Florida, she successfully filed a state bill designed to stop discrimination based on your health status. She joined SHF in the fall of 2020.

“God placed a calling on my heart back in 2008 to be a part of something bigger for Him. Twelve years later, the opportunity came knocking to help others lean into their natural-born rights and take a stand for themselves and their families. I knew this is where I was called to be, and I have never looked back.”

Valerie Borek


Valerie Borek is a passionate advocate for health rights and family privacy. A mother of two with degrees in law and biochemistry, she is perfectly positioned to lead SHF advocates through complex health-rights policy. Her work is guided by a love for American values, uncovering truth, and a passion for empowering others. Valerie has served as SHF’s policy analyst since 2021.

Valerie’s understanding of the value of freedom to make one’s own health care choices is not just academic. Health freedom has kept her boys alive and thriving. Her choice to have home births jump-started her advocacy for health privacy. Her eldest son survived a rare and deadly cancer because her family was able to navigate medical care while holding onto values that were sometimes at odds with recommendations.

Before joining SHF, Valerie specialized in health and parenting rights at her boutique law firm, especially surrounding birth and vaccine rights. She advocated for informed consent in health care and transparent food labeling in her state. She helped found the Birth Rights Bar Association and was honored to present their argument to the Delaware Supreme Court that midwifery is not the practice of medicine, in support of a trailblazing midwife.

“Health is the foundation of how we show up in this world to love, serve, and create. Americans are blessed to live in a country that gets stronger the more we protect fundamental rights, like informed consent and privacy, so individuals and families can thrive.”

Mary Katherine LaCroix


Mary Katherine LaCroix became involved with SHF as a volunteer in 2019 when the religious exemption for childhood vaccines was at risk in her home state of New Jersey. She believes strongly that parents have the responsibility for their children’s health, education, and faith formation and that only they have the right to make medical decisions and manage their care.

She has worked in fundraising for more than 25 years at various educational, cultural, human services, and political organizations. A graduate of the University of Scranton, she holds a degree in History and English Literature.

Mary Katherine is thrilled to have this opportunity to work with and help grow SHF, believing that together we can achieve even greater impact in protecting our rights and caring for our loved ones. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and large extended family, as well as volunteering to support the special needs community.

“Parents are taught that they must trust the experts. That’s what we did, until we learned that the experts can be wrong and don’t always know what is best for your child. Parents should instead feel empowered by their natural, God-given ability to advocate and care for their children. SHF is here to give them the tools to do just that.”

Sheila Ealey

Political Analyst

Dr. Sheila Lewis Ealey is the founder and former director of the Creative Learning Center of Louisiana, a therapeutic day school for children who are on the autism spectrum or struggling with other nonverbal intellectual disabilities. The wife of a former U.S. Coast Guard Officer, she is also the mother of four children. Her son was diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder at 18 months. He is now a young man and considered moderate and emerging.

Sheila and her twins were featured in the documentary “Vaxxed.” She has traveled extensively, advocating for medical freedom. She continues to educate disenfranchised parents about their fundamental rights to religious and philosophical exemptions, their ability to live sustainably on a limited budget, and the importance of nutrition and biomedical interventions for optimum health with autism. She also writes individual homeschool curriculums for parents of children with autism or intellectual disorders. Sheila is a trustee for the Autism Trust, USA, and on the board of directors of Children’s Health Defense.

Over the past 20 years, she has educated herself to use natural healing modalities for the body and brain. Her formal education includes degrees in communication, special education curriculum, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership in Special Education. Sheila serves as an assistant content advisor and political analyst for SHF.

“It is not the Constitution’s job to protect our liberties, as it is not a philosophical document but a legal one. Its purpose is to limit the powers and authority of our federal government in hopes of preventing an intrusion upon our unalienable rights. We are obliged to maintain our government within its limits.”

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