Compliance Not Care Is The New Quality Control

Twila Brase Reveals the Secret Language Behind Health Privacy Laws

There is a secret code hidden in the language of health privacy laws. Words we understand in plain speak, like “quality,” “meaningful,” and “value,” mean something totally different when found as law in the US Code.

You will not want to miss this eye-opening interview with health data privacy expert Twila Brase, RN, PHN. A former public health nurse, Twila sheds light on HIPAA’s dirty little secret, and why doctors turn away pediatric patients who are not on the CDC vaccine schedule. She answers the question begged by HR 550, the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act: Is it really possible to expand federal access to data but at the same time protect our privacy?

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You will learn more in these 30 minutes about data privacy and the deterioration of the doctor-patient relationship than you ever thought you could. This very difficult and technical subject is boiled down to bare bones. Twila exposes the real meaning behind the language of HR 550 through the lens of decades of experience with prior so-called privacy laws in health data.

You’ll learn:

  • about financial incentives and the use of electronic databases to control health decisions at the point of care;
  • why expanded access to health data would be (and has been) dangerous for Americans;
  • how corona-policies changed the landscape of health privacy; and
  • what easy steps and tools you can use today to protect your privacy, and the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.

Best of all, you will feel uplifted to action after watching.

Twila reminds us, “If there is a bill to expand collection of data, they don’t have it yet.”

Steps You Can Take


Step One: Stop the federal government from luring states and doctors to give away your private health data. Send a quick email to tell your lawmaker to vote NO on HR 550. (BONUS: If they email you back, keep the dialogue going. Use talking points you learned today!)


Step Two: Arm yourself with knowledge. Visit Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom to get important news and updates on health freedom. Get on the list to know when you can get your updated 3rd edition of Big Brother in the Exam Room, and the COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide for step-by-step evidence-based help for covid infections. Find a health provider removed from the shackles of data-based medicine–look to the growing Wedge network!

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