Five Reasons Why The Coronavirus Vaccine Must Be Voluntary

1. Requiring People To Take An Experimental Vaccine Is Unethical And Unconstitutional

Vaccines often take a decade or more to develop. This is especially true when a vaccine uses new technologies that haven’t been tested for safety or adapted to allow for mass production. Because the COVID-19 vaccine is being developed at warped speed, and the current front-runners are utilizing mRNA technologies that have never been used before in humans, there are numerous unknowns about safety — both short- and long-term.

The fact that the vaccine is experimental and has zero long-term safety data makes those who take it human guinea pigs. Longitudinal data will be available only after the vaccine is unleashed on the population and studied over time, and YOU will be the one providing that data. Forcing someone to take a vaccine for a virus that’s not well understood — particularly when the vaccine is experimental, clinically unproven and plagued with safety issues — is unethical and unconstitutional.

2. No One Will Guarantee Your Safety

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Two of the COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners utilize mRNA technology, which has never been approved for commercial use and is clinically unproven. There is much that’s not understood about the technology, including how it will affect your DNA and what the side effects will be over the long-term. That makes taking it a gamble.

However, if the coronavirus vaccine causes a serious reaction, injury or death, no one will be held responsible. Under the PREP Act — passed in 2005 and invoked in March 2020 by HHS Director Alex Azar II — vaccine and drug manufacturers, government agencies, doctors and all others are free from liability from harm caused by the coronavirus vaccine. Thus, if you or a family member is harmed from the vaccine in any way, it is you who will be left with the consequences as well as the medical bills.

3. The Vaccine Is Not Proven to Prevent Transmission Or Reduce Deaths

Public officials have been proclaiming for months now that life will return to normal once Americans have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. The narrative that’s being espoused is that our country will be safer once the vaccine is available because the vaccine will eradicate the virus. However, manufacturers have not been able to substantiate that claim. No COVID-19 vaccine has been unequivocally shown to reduce transmission of the virus. Thus far, manufacturers have only been able to demonstrate a reduction in symptoms.

At the same time, reports show that the COVID vaccine carries significant risks by causing individuals to experience over-stimulated immune responses and strong inflammatory responses. Within days of vaccine administration in the UK, the country’s health authority began requiring resuscitation services on site wherever the vaccine is administered. Given all of the above factors, there is no solid scientific basis upon which to require the vaccine; it’s up to each person to decide how to care for their own body based on their own judgment and unique physiology.

4. One-Size-Fits-All Medicine Is Short-Sighted and Dangerous

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There is a strong and growing push for Americans to accept the COVID-19 vaccine — even though the vaccine is experimental and has known safety concerns. However, as with any medical intervention, individuals must be able to freely consent to receive the vaccine. Personal choice must always be the deciding factor.

Under U.S. Supreme Court law, in order to mandate a medical intervention there must be an epidemic that imperils the entire population. According to the CDC’s own data, most people have more than a 97 percent chance of surviving COVID. In fact, for those under 70, the survivability rate among those infected ranges from 99.5 percent to 99.9 percent.

COVID-19 is known to affect different populations with different severity, causing more extreme illness in some than others. Some people who test positive for the virus experience zero symptoms. Forcing someone to take a vaccine that might cause more severe symptoms than the virus itself is illogical and short-sighted.

Vaccination is one approach to dealing with a virus such as COVID-19. It is not the only approach. Individuals should not be asked to cast aside their own convictions (personal, ethical or religious) to follow the advice of public health officials who promote one-size-fits-all policies that are shaped by the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

5. Informed Consent Is A Basic Human Right

Mandated medicine has no place in a free society. Forced medical procedures are a throwback to Nazi Germany, the Tuskegee Study, and the forced lobotomies and sterilizations that were commonplace place in the United States for many decades. To limit the spread of infectious illness, officials should focus on educating their constituents through public awareness campaigns and promoting policies that encourage and make options (may it be vaccines, therapeutics or other preventative measures) readily available to the public.

Making the process of vaccination voluntary will allow for maximum uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine while upholding informed consent and protecting the freedom of citizens who have objections to vaccination. Informed consent also recognizes that each person approaches health differently and upholds the practices of those who choose to lead pharmaceutical-free lifestyles. Most of all, informed consent is a basic human right and basic tenet of medicine that should always be honored.

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