Peaceful Noncompliance and Putting Biden’s Mandates into Perspective

“Too often we look for permission to do the right thing.”

In this video, Stand for Health Freedom Co-Founder and Executive Director Leah Wilson interviews two prominent advocates for our Constitution, Krisanne and JC Hall.

President Biden’s six-pronged poke at the Constitution is not a death knell to our liberties. But what can we do? There are so many ways to show the White House Americans are not going to comply with unconstitutional and un-American mandates and edicts from one branch of the federal government. In this interview you will hear:

    • Does our Constitution protect against Biden using OSHA to enforce mandates?
    • How mandates hurt employers
    • How to assert exemptions
    • What a “federal takeover” is, and what it means for policy in the states
    • Most importantly, you will learn about solutions in peaceful noncompliance under the supreme law of the land.

KrisAnne Hall is a constitutional scholar and educator through her organization Liberty First University. She earned a degree in biochemistry, is a US Army Veteran, a former prosecutor and first amendment attorney. She and her husband JC, a veteran and pastor to Haiti, co-created the movie and movement Non-compliant, and they teach liberty and freedom across the globe.


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Interview Transcription

The entire interview between Leah Wilson and KrisAnne and JC Hall has been transcribed and is available below, with permission to quote and source material from, so long as an original attribution link to this article is used as a citation for the original interview.

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Full Interview Transcript

Leah Wilson: Hello. We are here today, talking about the most important topic that Americans are facing—what can you do about the Biden Mandates?

I’m Leah Wilson, Executive Director of Stand for Health Freedom and co-founder. I want to let you know that this message is important to everyone who can hear my voice because whether you were already vaccinated, whether you plan to get vaccinated, or you don’t plan to get vaccinated, or you don’t want the booster, this message is still for you.

I have a top legal expert here today with her husband, JC, to talk about putting Biden’s mandates into perspective, and to make it very clear how you can move forward.

So thank you so much for joining me today for this very important message, KrisAnne and JC Hall.

KrisAnne Hall: Thank you so much.

JC Hall: Howdy.

Leah Wilson: KrisAnne Hall is a biochemist, U.S. Army veteran, and a former prosecutor for the State of Florida. She practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent, national, non-profit law firm, and she is now the President of Liberty First University, and travels the country, teaching the foundational principles of liberty and our Constitutional Republic.

So she is nothing short of an expert on the issues that we are facing right now. And she also hosts the KrisAnne Hall Show, which airs daily.

Her husband, JC, is also a veteran and a pastor to the country of Haiti.


Thank you so much for you both, pouring your heart and soul into these issues and empowering others.

I have to say first, before we dive in, that I personally was not super surprised by President Biden’s announcement last Thursday because his strategy has been clear from the beginning. In January, after he took office, he quickly released a 200-page document showing his plans to use OSHA against the public, to use OSHA to promote “one size fits all” medicine.

And then last Thursday, he simply announced a six-pronged plan to deploy this plan, and to vaccinate the 80-million unvaccinated Americans.

So he started out his address to the nation with this quote, “This is not about freedom and choice.”

So KrisAnne, can you start off by telling us, does the Constitution protect individual people against Biden using OSHA to force vaccination? And how do we process this?

KrisAnne Hall: The whole purpose of the Constitution of the United States is to establish limits on the Federal Government, not to establish limits on the rights of the people. So our states created the Federal Government through the Constitution by specifically delegating certain powers and specifically listing, enumerating those powers and how they are to be exercised.

So OSHA, if we’re going to be really honest about constitutionally secured in all of this, OSHA is not even an authorized agency according to the Constitution. We didn’t delegate that power to the Federal Government.


And JC and I have courses that we teach at that teaches what our founders intended how the Constitution was actually written, and how the Federal Government was actually created, not this behemoth that it has become through what James Madison would have called a forced expansion of power.

Leah Wilson: Wow. So what you’re saying is that there is a constitutional challenge to OSHA’s authority, period?

KrisAnne Hall: There’s a constitutional challenge to OSHA’s existence, period. The Federal Government was never delegated the authority to dictate rules and regulate commerce within the state. The only commerce that the Federal Government was delegated the authority to regulate was interstate commerce for the singular purpose of effectuating trade agreements, so that we could move commerce through the country to satisfy our treaties of trade with other countries, and to ensure that our states were working together in unison, not against each other as separate countries when it came to the movement of commerce.

It was an effort to encourage commerce, not a power to regulate, stifle and control commerce.

Leah Wilson: So what does that look like in terms of, would OSHA be established properly right now if you’re just talking about the regulation of federal employees, or is that–

KrisAnne Hall: OSHA would be appropriate with federal employees. OSHA would be appropriate power for the Federal Government in federal territories and on federal property.

OSHA is not appropriate power, is not delegated power within the states.


If you’re going to have an occupational safety organization, it has to be at the state-level and differing from state to state based on the people and their principles.

Leah Wilson: Great. So speaking of that, occupational safety, each state has their own OSHA, the state-level OSHA which does govern occupational safety. So what about when we go to this topic that everyone’s burning on right now, are the mandates from your employers, which is what this Biden Mandate is trying to encourage anyway, that’s the mechanism it’s using. However, there have been many people asking their state government to please put laws in place that make it illegal for our employers to force vaccination policies, to have vaccination policies that make it mandatory to continue working there.

And what we’re hearing from many of these state lawmakers is they don’t feel comfortable legislating because the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has that area of law covered.

What do you say to that? Is that true or is it appropriate for the state lawmakers to be protecting their own workforce?

KrisAnne Hall: The state lawmakers have a duty and an obligation to protect the individual rights of the people, which would include the property rights of the business owners to make their own decisions on how their businesses, how their employees are to operate their businesses.

If you look at the Declaration of Independence, the singular purpose of the state is to secure the rights of the people, the rights that are inherently endowed upon us by the nature of our creation.


This is not the job of the Federal Government to do this, but it is the job of the state to guard the citizens of their state from federal encroachments.

And so first off, I think it’s important that we address some misinformation.

Employers are not required to mandate this vaccination without exemptions. That is a lie. And by the way, the President never said that, Biden never said that, the Department of Labor is not saying that and OSHA is not saying that.

Employers absolutely have to offer their employees both medical and religious exemption applications. And then once an employee exercises their right to a religious exemption, for example, Under Title 7 1964 Civil Rights Act, the burden then shifts to the employer to prove that accommodating this exemption would be an undue hardship. This is not where the employee has to prove that their religious exemption rises to the level of importance. The employer must prove that there will be an undue hardship to accommodate this.

And so we are missing, number one, that no one in the Federal Government is telling employers that they must mandate vaccinations without exemptions. That is a headline that the media is putting out that is patently false. And we also have to understand that employers are required by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by the ADA, to offer both medical and religious exemptions.

Leah Wilson: That’s so good. And I think that is exactly what people are missing from this story is it is chilling to hear a mandate come from the White House and have the understanding that it’s inescapable. However, the part of the story that we haven’t gotten for decades, and that we still are not getting today is you do have rights, that you do have exemptions, that your religious freedom is strong.


And the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, their definition of religion is broad and forgiving. It allows you to operate under the freedom of your own conscience, whereas, a lot of people have the pre-conceived idea that they have to have a pastor to back them up, or a doctrine to prove that their beliefs are valid.

So that’s so good. So what I hear you saying, it confirmed for me, is that the mandates that were announced on last Thursday do not change the exemptions that exist for Americans today.

KrisAnne Hall: Absolutely, it does not. And I would just simply say that it’s not the job of the EEOC to define religion. That’s the whole purpose of the First Amendment. We don’t need our pastors to write us letters. As a matter of fact, we don’t even need to be a member of an organized religion.

You have a personal conviction, and according to the rights that are codified, that are recognized by our Bill of Rights, your conscience doesn’t have to be supported. It doesn’t even have to be found reasonable to anyone else because it’s your conscience.

And what’s interesting is that you have to know the benefits and the risks of these mandates as an employer. There is nothing in the EEOC. There is nothing in Federal Law, the President and neither your start guards an employer from civil liability for mandating a vaccination on your employees.


So one thing that the narrative is not getting out is that you, as an employer, if you mandate a vaccination on your employees, it becomes a matter of workplace, which means if your employees have an adverse reaction to the vaccination that you mandate or they die, as a result of the vaccination, you are civilly liable. You will have to pay workman’s comp benefits, you will be subject to lawsuits for civil liability, you will be subject to wrongful termination lawsuits if you fire people because they refuse to take the vaccination.

These are the risks that nobody in the government is telling you. What’s ironic is the actual pharmaceutical companies are shielded from liability, the government is shielded from liability, which means the only people that employees can sue are their employers, and then lawyers and people are going to be looking for money.

Leah Wilson: Wow. And so do you see the section of the PREP Act that says, as of right now, with these pharmaceutical products being protected, they’re protecting the manufacturers under the PREP Act. It says, “Any entity of person who promotes the product is protected under the PREP Act.” Do you see that as including employers at this point in time?

KrisAnne Hall: No, because even the EEOC says that does not include employers.

Leah Wilson: That’s great information. I think that people are all wondering, is there any recourse from these mandates? And to know, like you are mentioning, common law action that can be taken against your employer if push comes to shove, if an exemption is denied.

Obviously, we would always say, file your exemptions, first and foremost, before you going suing the person that you work for. However, these desperate times and war times call for measures that are going to make a difference for our children—the ones that we actually are here to protect.


I want to move on to another piece of what Biden said during his release that really scared people and hopefully, you can give us some perspective on this.

He said, “Let me blunt. My plan also takes on elected officials and states that are undermining you and these life-saving actions.”

And then he went on to say, “If they’ll not help, if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as President to get them out of the way.”

What did he mean when he said this? And what is your response, KrisAnne?

KrisAnne Hall: What he meant, if you read the whole context of that section of his speech, he was actually poking his finger in the eye of Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Because Governor Ron DeSantis, and I believe also Abbott, now, in Texas, has said that they will withhold funding from the school districts if they are going to continue these extreme measures on the students.

Well, the Federal Government, Biden and his Administration, has now said that through the funds that are set aside for COVID, if the governors withhold funding from the school districts, the Federal Government will provide funding to the schools.

And so that’s what he means directly, and in context of that in the speech, “I’m going to get them out of the way,” meaning, “We’re going to circumvent these governors and their restrictions by funding these people out from them underneath them,” which is actually a federal takeover.


Leah Wilson: Have we seen federal takeovers before, or in other areas? Just so our audience can understand. Has this been done before, and what does it look like?

KrisAnne Hall: Well, our country operates under federal takeovers. You’ve got all the funding going into our schools now through federal aid from the Department of Education. We have funding going directly to our states through the Department of Transportation, through EPA, through all these agencies.

And all of this funding that is funneling from the taxpayers, through the Federal Government, back to our states, is actually an effort to extort power from the states and transfer if to the Federal Government by buying the loyalty of the local and state governments.

Leah Wilson: Yes, and our family experienced that personally on a certain level because we were foster parents through the Indiana Department of Child Services. And after being foster parents, a very trusted family within our agency for a few years, it came up for re-licensure. And at that point in time, it was the beginning of 2018, and they came back and said, “You’re no longer eligible to be foster parents.”

And of course, there was no new law and no new science that said my healthy children were a threat, the well-being of foster kids, since they’re not fully vaccinated, but there was something coming down from the Federal Government about funding—tying funding to these state agencies.


So that’s exactly what you’re talking about.

So if we are concerned today with the state of America and the medical mandates, what is our best option at this point?

KrisAnne Hall: JC and I teach a class at Liberty First Society that is an activism boot camp where we teach the solutions. One of the major—most important solutions that we must have now is an alternative system. All the doctors, all the nursing staff, all the medical professionals who do not want to submit to these dictatorial mandates need to pull themselves out of these institutions and create their own hospitals, create their own clinics and their own practices, and refuse to engage in this medical bullying. Because that’s exactly what it is—it’s medical bullying.

Our friends at Liberty Council, they’re a national civil rights firm, have put together an amazing paper to show that legally speaking, there are no FDA-approved COVID vaccinations. So to mandate these vaccinations violates federal law because they are still all currently classified as emergency use-authorized drugs, which means if these medical professionals pull out and create their own facilities, they don’t have to do this.

No employer has to do this. As a matter of fact, the liability then extends that if you do this, and you don’t inform people of the risks, there’s no a new civil liability because the CDC is tracking plenty of risks to these emergency use-authorized drugs.

So when we have medical professionals who will pull out and create their own facilities refuse to comply in a peaceful non-compliance, which, by the way, if they don’t take Medicaid or Medicare, they don’t have to comply with Federal Rules and Regulations.


So maybe it’s time that we return back to a more simple medical practice where we don’t need millions and billions of dollars as insurance money to compensate for all the red tape that comes from the Federal Government and start engaging in simple medical practice at their local levels again, dealing with people as people.

Leah Wilson: That’s so good. And your word, “peaceful non-compliance” is so key. I was going to ask you what it looks like to be non-compliant but you have described it so beautifully with creating our own systems outside of the ones that quite frankly, have enslaved. If we are at a point in our life where we feel like we must stay in a bad situation because we cannot live without what is being offered to us, then that is enslavement. And so getting out from underneath that and knowing that we are enough to recreate, we can rebuild, we can come together as a community.

So you released an entire film called NonCompliant, and when I watched it, I was blown away, and I have to say that the timing of this film is divine. It should be played multiple times per day on every major news network if we cared about saving the essence of America. So can our viewers access this movie, and what would you want them to know about it?

KrisAnne Hall: The movie is available at It is a non-profit film, so you are free to watch it and free to share it. If there is anybody that would like to help contribute to our non-profit film series, this is just the first in series, they can also donate, tax-deductible, at

JC and I have create this film together. I handle the, sort of, legal aspect of it. JC handles, I would say, the religious liberty express aspect of it.


Because we came together as a team realizing that Christians are being taught the wrong things about being involved in government, and Americans are being taught the wrong things about their power to control government and the states’ role in government.

And so that’s what we do here at NonCompliant movie.

Leah Wilson: It’s so good. I have to agree, it makes me cringe every time that we bring out [a prate] of pastors to say, “There is nothing in our religion that goes against the process of vaccination or the practice of vaccination.”

JC, what does that make you think when you hear these pastors and rabbis and all of the organized religions being interviewed on this topic?

JC Hall: I’ll try to be nice but it goes to the core of—a problem we have as Americans, in the church, and I think even as conservatives, especially as conservatives, is a lack of recognition of the proper authority. So in the church, obviously, the authority is the Word of God, and we have shifted that to individuals, to people. So then some pastor, a group of pastors, can stand up and say whatever, and we don’t check that against the actual authority, which is not that man.

I always talk about cringe. I cringe when I hear the term “pastoral authority.” Pastoral authority is only legitimate authority when that pastor is operating consistently with the Word of God. That’s when you have pastoral authority.

So pastoral authority does not rest in the pastor or office, or just by virtue of there being an office of a pastor.


So same thing in the country. The authority in this nation is the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution in our states. So just the fact that Joe Biden stands up and says something to make some dictating—he talks about, “My powers as president.”

Sir, you don’t have those powers.

He’s not the authority. The Constitution is the authority. So it bothers me when a lot of these pastors try to, I would say, really silence people and tone us down—the whole “play nice, be nice,” when it’s putting this framework of respecting authority.

The President of the United States is the one disrespecting authority. So we’re not disrespecting him by critiquing and characterizing the tyrannical, lawless action that he is involved in because he is not the authority. The Constitution of the United States is the authority, and the last time I checked, the supremacy clause says the laws made in pursuance to the Constitution is when they’re authoritative.

So we have an epidemic, a pandemic if you will, of absolute lawlessness within our government and lawlessness within our churches, so that even these pastors that are paraded about do not want to submit to the actual authority of the Word of God and the truth that we find in that.

So as an example, which we briefly touched on in the movie, this distortion and adulteration of the teaching of Romans 13—Romans 13 simply teaches that a Christian should not be lawless. And so within America, the law of the land is the Constitution. So when you’re violating the Constitution, you’re being lawless.


So as a Christian, Romans 13, in fact, teaches me that I must resist, that I cannot follow dictates, such as the ones Joe Biden is issuing because I’m commanded not to be lawless. Therefore, I will not follow Joe Biden or any of his minions into their lawlessness as a believer.

And we see examples of that from the Hebrew midwives in the Book of Exodus who said, “We are not going to comply with the King’s dictates,” the three Hebrew boys that were eventually thrown into the fire who first said, “Just because of how your menu is constructed. I’m not even going to follow your menu. And then second, I’m not going to bow to your idol or thrown into the fire.” Daniel saying, “I’m not going to comply to this law that the legislators in this land crafted and the King signed, which is now the law of the land. I’m not going to follow that because it violates my religious conscience.”

So we can go on and on throughout the Word of God, throughout church history, both ancient and modern.

And so these new pastors are an anomaly in thousands of years of church history and doctrine.

Leah Wilson: Wow. And like you draw out, we are obligated to resist when something flies in the face of our absolute authority, when our moral authority are God-given rights.

I was driving on the road this morning, thinking about Harriet Tubman. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie about how picturesque it is of her civil rights battle and what a hero she was. She didn’t sit here and say, “Hey, KrisAnne, give me the answer in the law that gives me permission to go the other way.”


Too often we look for permission to do the right thing, and that’s the essence of your movie, NonCompliant, is teaching you to step out under the supreme law of the land, and under the highest authority to function in a way that lays the proper landscape for our children.

So I want to thank you both for joining me today to talk to our audience, and I want to admonish each and every one of you that are listening to go to, and sign up for the activism class, so that you can be equipped to lead your family and lead your community in a direction that is going to turn this around for our nation.

And then also, go to the and check that out and share it with your friends and family.

I myself am looking forward to the upcoming releases that you guys are going to have for us. So thank you so much, be blessed, and we’ll talk soon.

KrisAnne Hall: Thank you very much.

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