Over the last two-plus years, many eyes have been opened to the issue of health freedom for the very first time. We walked a dark period in our history with an egregious power grab and suppression of individual freedom by our own government and the medical establishment. We saw firsthand how an emergency declaration can be used to frighten citizens and force an abandonment of constitutionally protected rights. We were left to pick up the pieces as our children and grandchildren struggled from a loss of learning and social engagement; small businesses closed their doors for good; and medical personnel and members of our military, who literally risked their lives for us, lost their jobs and livelihoods after refusing to take an experimental vaccine.


Throughout the pandemic, with your encouragement and inspiration, we worked diligently to bring the truth to light and rally the American people to rise above the panic and distortion. We endeavored to be a one-stop shop for health freedom warriors… to educate, to advocate, and to prepare for the ultimate step in exercising our voice: to vote. And we have done just that, in great part because of your support and partnership. Together, we have made a difference!

Like the health freedom warriors in California who learned of AB 1993 that would require all California employees to be “fully” vaccinated. Within 12 hours, 10,452 emails were sent to elected officials expressing disapproval of the bill. The sponsor had to put the bill on hold, noting the need to work collaboratively with labor and employers to address concerns.

Or the advocates who raised their voices to support a federal bill to defund the World Health Organization (WHO). Within one month, more than 137,000 individuals had emailed and called their representatives, resulting in 46 lawmakers signing on to the key bill to prevent global health governance.

Or the parents in Sarasota County, Florida, who were fed up with ludicrous and dangerous mask and shot requirements. They had done the research, raised their concerns, and the school board would not listen. In the recent primary election, they made their voices heard loud and clear at the ballot box, flipping leadership to pro-parental-rights candidates.

This is the extraordinary power of an informed citizenry and underscores what is possible when we come together in defense of freedom! But the work has only begun… The fight must continue, and we are so honored and deeply grateful to be on the battlefield with you.


One of the benefits of a small but mighty organization like SHF is that we can be nimble and direct our attention to what is needed most in order to protect and preserve our liberties. The pandemic highlighted the need for candidates who would stand for health freedom across all levels of government. School boards needed to represent the parents and children and not the special interests. Members of Congress needed to speak up and fight back against the senseless restrictions and unconstitutional mandates.

Recognizing this important gap and the fact that we were approaching one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime, we unveiled Vote for Health Freedom this past February. We heard from so many individuals across the country who wanted a comprehensive and trusted resource on candidates and a way to ensure that their sacred right to vote was not squandered. They wanted to applaud those who stood for health freedom and educate and hold accountable those who did not. And we have already seen incredible results, with 75% of our endorsed candidates winning their primary races.

But we can’t sit back and rest on our laurels. Experts have indicated that there are more than 30 critical races across our country. Health freedom is on the ballot. Now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to educate, inspire, and mobilize our fellow Americans to stand strong with candidates who will speak out against vaccine mandates and global health governance and demand accountability from the CDC and other government entities attacking our personal freedoms.

To do so, we are launching a new initiative, Health Freedom Wins, a laser-focused, time-sensitive information and advocacy campaign. Over the course of the next four weeks, utilizing our powerful technology platform and grassroots partners in battleground states, we will empower individuals to make their voices heard at the ballot box and deliver wins for health freedom on November 8. We will show that an informed citizenry is powerful beyond measure!


Would you please consider making a special gift to support our Health Freedom Wins initiative?

Your contribution will go directly toward shining a light on critical races and highlighting each candidate’s commitment to health freedom.

We need your help. This election is one of the most important in the history of our country. We have seen what politicians are capable of in terms of protecting or attacking our individual liberties. We need to turn up the heat and this initiative will make it happen.

Can we count on your gift of $50, $100, $300, $500, or $1,000?  We deeply appreciate anything you can contribute.

Please visit us at Stand for Health Freedom to make your impact. Thank you again for your past support and for your continued commitment to protecting and preserving our rights now and into the future. We cannot do it without you.

In Solidarity,

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Leah Wilson

P.S. We would love to also hear your stories so we can spread the word about why people are standing for health freedom. Please share with us at [email protected]. With your permission, your message will be part of our Health Freedom Wins campaign to highlight freedom warriors like you. Thank you again.

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