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A Conversation About an Upcoming Covid Docu-Series

Are you tired of the divisiveness that has stifled conversation around what the science is really telling us about the COVID-19 and lockdown crises? Are you concerned there’s been a concerted effort at suppressing reliable information? Are you feeling alone, worried about how expressing your questions and concerns could subject you to the cancel culture mob? And are you tired of your frontal lobe being hijacked by the stress from this multifactorial catastrophe?

What if we told you some people in Hollywood have the same questions and concerns? When it comes to cancel culture, the Hollywood community has a lot to lose. One peep questioning the mainstream narrative could devastate a career. That does not leave much room for truth on the silver screen.

Two men, Matt and Allen of SoundMind Creative Group, are doing something about that. They’ve created an anonymized platform for directors, producers, actors, musicians, social media influencers, journalists, and animators to “work without fear of retribution from the cancel culture.” And with that platform they are tackling the controversial topic of suppression of information around covid treatments and vaccines.

Allen shared, “We want to provide a story that gives people the ability to find their way back to that civil discourse and that gives them the ability to save face.”

Listen (sound only for identity protection) to Leah Wilson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Stand for Health Freedom talk with Matt and Allen about their new production, Follow the Science on Lockdowns and Liberty.

“We have innate suspicions that the narrative presented at the political and media level wasn’t necessarily reflective of the actual science,” Allen explained, “and that the dogs of war…of censorship and cancel culture was unleashed upon all of it. It’s mind-blowing that more nuanced, individualized approaches are considered anti-science.”

In speaking about the most exciting aspect of this amazing project, Allen said, “It’s the number of people awakening to the strength of their own voice.”

Follow the Science is planned to be a five-part docu-series that will investigate whether the data that unfolded during the COVID-19 pandemic justified the lockdowns. You can help make it happen. Share this message and donate to these creative and brave men so the truth has a place to stand in history.

As Matt stated, “We’re all going through this history together.”

Listen to the Interview and then…

Step One: Support Matt and Allen’s vision to create Follow the Science on Lockdowns and Liberties by watching the trailer below. Visit their website, donate, and share with your friends!
Step Two: Learn about the CDC Data Disaster and how manipulated information contributed to lockdowns and other bad government policy.
Step Three:

Help us reach 100,000 signatures from Americans calling for an investigation into CDC’s fraudulent mishandling of covid statistics. We are just a few signatures away…add your name today!

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