Putting Our Kids First

Parents are faced with a decision right now on whether to get their children the COVID shot. The Comirnaty shot was FDA approved for adults, but shots for kids are still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval. This means any covid shot available for children is still considered experimental. It is not a stretch to say, parents are deciding whether they want their children to be part of the post-market data of a medical experiment. Do you feel you have enough information to make this decision?

Click below to get resources for making this decision, and watch video clips of public health experts discussing the data they had before making the decision to authorize and recommend the Pfizer COVID shot for kids 5-11. Fill out a five-minute message to tell your governor that you are the sole decision maker for your child’s unique health needs.



Steps to take


Step One: Take action and contact your Governor and Department of Education to tell them to lift all COVID restrictions in schools!


Step Two: Sign up to receive instant access to our presentation to share with your local school board and department of education officials.


Step Three: Watch the clip below of our public health experts from the FDA, CDC, and White House discuss the data they have when deciding whether American children should get the COVID shot. Then print out the free PDFs to help parents understand the risks of the shot for children and the impacts on privacy, especially in schools.

Solution Series: Putting Kids First – Helping Parents Address School Mandates

Join Leah Wilson, Stand for Health Freedom Executive Director & Co-founder, with panelists Superintendent Marc Thielman of the Alsea School District and Founder of Learn at Home Oregon, Centner Academy CEO and Co-Founder Leila Centner, and PERK GROUP Founder and Educational Rights Advocate Amy Bohn, as they discuss school medical mandates and what parents and community leaders can do to be equipped to talk about these confusing and challenging policies with their schools, and the options they have to help support their children.

This exclusive virtual event streamed live right here on our Putting Kids First parental rights and educational campaign, action and resources hub where you can get more information to help you successfully navigate what’s right for your child.

Leah Wilson

Leah Wilson

Stand for Health Freedom, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Marc Thielman

Marc Thielman

School Superintendent, Alsea School District in Oregon

Leila Centner

Leila Centner

Centner Academy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Amy Bohn

Amy Bohn

PERK GROUP, Founder and Educational Rights Advocate

Breath breaks, timed bathroom breaks, and faceless-touchless classrooms are not a safe environment for children.

Schools have become a dangerous place for children during COVID. Government officials, school administrators and many educators have created an environment that is simply not safe for school children — the very people they’re entrusted to protect. CDC-recommended COVID-19 protocols such as forced masking, social distancing, contact tracing, constant hand washing and plexiglass barriers have made children afraid of other people and their surrounding environment. These measures have also convinced children that the world is a dangerous place and, in some instances, that they themselves are dangerous.

As a result, children are experiencing fear, anxiety, depression and loneliness like never before. Mental health issues and pediatric suicides are at an all-time high.

What we’re doing to our children is not acceptable. It’s time for the adults who are charged with caring for our children — not government bureaucrats — to make decisions on children’s behalf. Let’s do what’s best for our children and return our schools to normal.

Kid in Mask min

COVID-19 guidelines are causing fear, anxiety, depression and loneliness like never before.

Taking back our kids’ health and education together

Stand for Health Freedom is on a mission to help parents, grandparents and caretakers take back children’s education — and their health and wellbeing. In conjunction with Centner Academy, a private school in Miami that’s leading the way for how schools can put kids first, we have created a powerful presentation that you can take to your school board officials. It contains data, news articles and video testimony from doctors, parents and kids. The presentation shows the harms of what schools have been doing — and impactful solutions for going forward. Stand for Health Freedom has also created a step-by-step guide to empower YOU to permanently lift COVID restrictions in schools.

It’s time to put our kids first! You can get a sneak peek of the Putting Our Kids First presentation below, and there’s also a sign-up form to receive instant access. Additionally, with just one click, you can email your governor and local department of education and urge them to lift COVID-19 restrictions in schools! Join countless other parents and professionals who are taking a stand to put our kids first; take action today!

Putting Our Kids First

Sign up to receive instant access to our presentation to share with your local school board and department of education officials. The “we’re just following orders” mentality is hurting our children. YOU can be the change! Join parents and others in your community and urge your officials to lift COVID-19 school guidelines. 

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Resources for parents pursuing other schooling options

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