Act Now: Tell Your Legislators to Override Governor Dewine’s Veto of SB311

Help put an end to the abuse of emergency powers in Ohio

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UPDATE: SB 311 has not come up for vote as of December 11, 2020. Since December 9, 2020, it has become clear that backdoor deals might be happening to change the language of SB 311 before it comes up for the veto over-ride vote. Act now on this campaign to make it clear that SB 311 must be voted on in the form in which it was passed by the Ohio General Assembly! Also, call Senate President Obhof’s office today (614-466-7505) and say, “No more deals with DeWine! Bring SB 311 to the floor in the form in which it was passed by the general assembly.”

Your immediate action is needed to help stop the abuse of power in Ohio. On December 4, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine vetoed SB 311, a bill passed by both legislative houses to help restore the balance of power in the state by limiting the powers of the governor and the health director. For this bill to become law (and the abuse of power in Ohio to be kept in check), it has to go to a veto override vote in the House and the Senate. For this to happen, there must be a three-fifths YES vote in both chambers. That means we need 20 yes votes in the Senate and 60 yes votes in the House for SB 311 to become law. Your voice is needed to make this happen!

On Wednesday, December 9, the Senate is set to vote on the veto override for SB 311. We expect it to quickly go to the House floor if it passes in the Senate.

The “veto proof” majority we had when SB 311 initially passed now appears to be threatened. The legislators who aren’t a sponsor or co-sponsor of this bill need to hear from you; please urge them to vote YES on the veto override.

It takes courage in our political climate for republican representatives to go against the republican governor’s leadership. Email your legislators now to give them the support (and pressure) they need to override Governor DeWine’s veto.

Let’s take back our health and our rights in Ohio! Click below now to send a pre-drafted, customizable email and tweet to the legislators who might be on the fence and urge them to VOTE YES on the SB 311 veto override. When you’re done, please share this campaign with your family, friends and neighbors.

Your home address information is required from the legislative offices to ensure you are reaching out to your designated representatives. Your email and your phone number are used to establish connection with your designated representatives. Messages from non-constituents don't have the same impact on a legislator as messages from verified constituents, who can vote for that officeholder. We do not share your name and contact information with any third parties unless legally required to do so.

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Senators to contact regarding the SB 311 veto override (click to email them with a fully customizable, pre-drafted email):

Sen.President Larry Obhof (R) – District 22
(614) 466-7505

Sen. Peggy Lehner (R) – District 6
(614) 466-4538

Sen. Steve Wilson (R) – District 7
(614) 466-9737

Sen. Bob Hackett (R) – District 10
(614) 466-3780

Sen. Nathan Manning (R) – District 13
(614) 644-7613

Sen. Stephanie Kunze (R) – District 16
(614) 466-5981

Sen. Bob Peterson (R) – District 17
(614) 466-8156

Sen. John Eklund (R) – District 18
(614) 644-7718

Sen. Matt Dolan (R) – District 24
(614) 466-8056

Representatives to contact regarding the SB 311 veto override (click to email them with a fully customizable, pre-drafted email):

District 4, House Speaker Robert R. Cupp, (R)
(614) 466-9624

District 7, Rep. Thomas F. Patton, (R)
(614) 466-4895

District 16, Rep. Dave Greenspan, (R)
(614) 466-0961

District 23, Rep. Laura Lanese, (R)
(614) 466-9690

District 27, Rep. Thomas E. Brinkman Jr., (R)
(614) 644-6886

District 29, Rep. Cindy Abrams, (R)
(614) 466-9091

District 36, Rep. Anthony DeVitis, (R)
(614) 466-1790

District 42, Rep. Niraj J. Antani, (R)
(614) 466-6504

District 48, Rep. Scott Oelslager, (R)
(614) 752-2438

District 55, Rep. Gayle Manning, (R)
(614) 644-5076

District 72, Rep. Larry Householder, (R)
(614) 466-2500

District 74, Rep. Bill Dean, (R)
(614) 466-1470

District 77, Rep. Jeff LaRe, (R)
(614) 466-8100

District 90, Rep. Brian Baldridge, (R)
(614) 466-2124

District 92, Rep. Gary Scherer, (R)
(614) 644-7928

District 97, Rep. Adam Holmes, (R)
(614) 644-6014

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