Stop Biden from Mandating the Vax on Hoosiers

Our Stand

  • President Biden’s announcement that he will force employers to mandate vaccines prompted at least 20 governors and several attorney generals — including Indiana’s own Governor Holcomb and Todd Rokita — to push back against this overreach into individual liberties.
  • Such a sweeping mandate and infringement cannot be tolerated, and we are demanding that our Indiana General Assembly and Governor Eric Holcomb work together to protect Hoosiers now. Fortunately, we can fix this. With the Indiana legislature scheduled to meet later this month for redistricting, our representatives can and must pass a bill making it illegal for businesses to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine in Indiana — regardless of any federal mandate. And, we expect our Governor to sign it.
  • Earlier this year, Indiana lawmakers failed to push forward Senate Bill 74 to protect workers from employer-mandated vaccines, claiming there already exist enough protections in federal law. In light of President Biden’s dictatorial statements, we cannot trust our federal government to protect Hoosiers. We need our own state protections in place.
  • Historical times call for historical measures. We are asking our General Assembly and Governor to do something BIG for the people of Indiana. Make passing vaccine protections a priority and assure the people of Indiana that President Biden will not be able take away the medical liberties of Hoosiers.

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