INDIANA: BIG PUSH – Act again to stop public health expansion

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Senators who received your emails and calls earlier this week have let us know that it’s helping, but that we need to keep the pressure up!
  • Indiana Health Commissioner (Dr. Kris Box) and representatives from local health departments have consistently been defending the list of 21 core services that SB4 requires by saying that “almost all health departments are already doing them.” IF THAT’S THE CASE, WHY DO THEY NEED $200 MILLION EXTRA PER YEAR?
  • Logically, this extra money will probably be spent on bureaucracy in Indianapolis. 
  • Help us keep punching holes in this bad bill that drastically expands the power and influence of public health at the state level by sending a one-click email. 
  • Take note of your senator’s name and please follow up with a phone call to reiterate your concerns by voicemail. We will include the phone number on the next page where you can call your senator.

Your home address information is required from the legislative offices to ensure you are reaching out to your designated representatives. Your email and your phone number are used to establish connection with your designated representatives. Messages from non-constituents don't have the same impact on a legislator as messages from verified constituents, who can vote for that officeholder. We do not share your name and contact information with any third parties unless legally required to do so.

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