FLORIDA: Tell your legislators to support civil rights bills SB222 / HB305, the Protection of Medical Freedom Act

These bills add "vaccination or immunity status" to Florida's civil rights statute to protect Floridians from mandates and discrimination.

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Senator Joe Gruters filed SB222 and House Representative Webster Barnaby filed the companion HB305, entitled the Protection of Medical Freedom Act. SB222 / HB305 are civil rights bills that will protect Floridians from continued discrimination based on their vaccination or immunity status.
  • Many Floridians have faced profiling, discrimination, segregation, termination, denied exemptions, denied service, injury, and even death due to injections. This is a serious humanitarian issue and must be remedied now.
  • SB222 / HB305 offers sound public policy that does not allow for mandates, specifically by prohibiting discrimination based on your vaccination status in both the workplace and the public square. Here’s a breakdown of what our bill offers Floridians:
    • Vaccination / immunity status becomes a protected class in our civil rights language.
    • Employers cannot discriminate based on your vaccination or immunity status.
    • Protects your vaccination data from crossing the state line or being handed over to the federal government.
    • Prohibits both businesses and government entities from allowing vaccine passports or any type of proof of vaccination.
  • It’s unconstitutional for a government entity or corporation to require a person to participate in specific medical services in exchange for access to gainful employment or to participate in society.
  • It’s unethical and immoral to mandate an injection for which there is no liability, or to limit a citizen’s ability to work based on their acceptance of a shot. As such, we’re urging all Floridians to support SB222 / HB305 to protect their right to informed consent and the freedom to decline injection. 
  • As a reminder, the protections that were put into place in the 2021 special session will sunset (expire) July 1, 2023. At that point, mandates could be ushered in, so time is of the essence. We must protect our future and our children’s future today.
  • Stand up for your basic human rights! Click below to email and tweet your state lawmakers to urge them to support SB222 / HB305. Let them know that medical decisions must remain voluntary without coercion or discrimination.


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