SOUTH DAKOTA: Support SB130 which grants philosophical belief exemptions for mandatory vaccinations

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Every year South Dakotans who submit religious exemptions are questioned about their “religious doctrine.” Not only is this line of questioning invasive, but also some cannot, in good conscience, submit a religious exemption because their objections to vaccination are not rooted in religion.  SB130 aims to allow all people with objections of conscience the right to decline one or all of the childhood immunizations.
  • SB130, sponsored by Senator Tom Pischke of district 25, protects the rights of students whose objection to vaccination is not based on religious beliefs. South Dakota’s existing law doesn’t cover all students.
  • This would be a landmark bill. Most states are moving toward removing exemptions rather than adding them. But every person in South Dakota has a right to choose what goes into their bodies, whether those reasons are religious or not.
  • As stated in our Constitution, all students have a right to an education. This access should be free from coercion and discrimination and the choice should be given to all, not just some.
  • We need our voices heard in committee! Please click the link and email the senators of the Health and Human Services Committee now to let them know we want freedom for all South Dakotans, not just some.

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