ACTION ALERT: Protect North Carolina health care workers and other employees from vaccine mandates

In July, seven major hospital systems, SAS, and Bank of America unconstitutionally mandated vaccinations for their employees. Let their chief executives know that North Carolinians will not stand for coercion!

Our Stand


  • Forcing people to get vaccinated to keep their job is not an acceptable way to “return to normal.”
  • Asking people to show their papers after they’ve been vaccinated is not acceptable and will lead to a show-me-your-papers society that no one wants their children to inherit.
  • Treating people differently due to their vaccine status is discrimination.
  • Please email the chief executives of Atrium Health, Cone Health, Duke University Health Systems, Wake Med, Novant Health, UNC Health, and Vident Health as well as SAS and Bank of America to let them know that they must recognize the health freedoms of all employees, as it is illegal to require any medical treatment as a condition of employment.

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Tens of thousands of NC health care workers and other employees have had their livelihoods threatened by recent vaccine mandates. These mandates are an affront to the human rights of employees everywhere. Very simply, they contribute to a show-me-your-papers society that no one, whether vaccinated or not, wants their children to inherit.

North Carolina has already created a vaccine passport that it’s attempting to disguise by calling it a vaccine portal. It gives citizens a “free, fast and secure way” to “get back to the places you love with proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.” We are quickly moving to a place where North Carolina citizens must show their papers to work, participate in society, or freely move about. The new passport not only removes the rights of the unvaccinated, but it also oppresses the vaccinated. Even those who are vaccinated will be denied entry if they fall behind on booster shots or forget to bring their smartphone to a venue or event.

Severe adverse reactions to the COVID-19 injections reported to the CDC’s VAERS system are far higher than with any other vaccine in history. The swine flu vaccine was removed from the market after only 33 deaths. As of July 23, 2021, the CDC has received 595,622 reports of adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccines and 13,068 death reports. To put that in perspective, the flu vaccine, received by approximately 150 million people per year (which is similar to the number of people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine), receives only 100 to 200 death reports per year. This is what is being mandated for NC citizens.

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