Urgent Louisiana: Tell the legislature that it’s time for new leadership at the Louisiana Department of Health

LA Secretary of Health Courtney Phillips and Health Officer Joseph Kanter Must Resign


By blindly following CDC covid recommendations, Louisiana Secretary of Health Dr. Courtney Phillips and State Health Officer Dr. Joseph Kanter have done untold harm to the children of Louisiana.  There was never data to support:

  • Closing schools (or businesses – closing businesses placed financial and emotional strain on families and children)
  • Ignoring natural immunity
  • Masking, especially toddlers and children
  • PCR testing healthy, asymptomatic children
  • Contact tracing in schools
  • Quarantining healthy children
  • Recommending covid vaccination for infants and children
  • Recommending co-administration of covid vaccines with other childhood vaccinations

Despite the evidence that Health Freedom Louisiana has provided and is readily available to the scientific community, LDH leadership consistently recommends covid guidance without sufficient evidence that it is necessary, efficacious, or safe. In many if not all situations, the guidance violated constitutionally protected rights or human rights outlined in the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, and UNESCO’s Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights. 

We are asking for Louisiana Secretary of Health Dr. Courtney Phillips and State Health Officer Dr. Joseph Kanter to resign, effectively immediately. Basic human rights, parental rights, natural immunity, and privacy must be apart of the equation in order to make good public policy. Please sign your name to this petition and join us in asking for their resignation.


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