Tennessee: Support parental rights with the Mature Minor Clarification Act

HB1380 clarifies that parents have the right to make informed decisions about vaccination for their minor children.

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • It’s time to support an excellent bill to protect minors aged 14-17 in Tennessee: HB1380, The Mature Minor Clarification Act. This bill clarifies that federal law and many court decisions uphold the parental right to make — and the physician’s duty to honor — the informed decision about vaccination for their minor children. 
  • Tell legislators why it’s so important to you that your parental rights are upheld by supporting HB1380. With vaccine manufacturers shielded from liability, doctors being trained to coerce acceptance, and the Tennessee Department of Health telling “mature minors” they don’t need your knowledge or consent, the only one standing between the pharmaceutical industry and your child is you.
  • Please email or phone, or both, the below members of the subcommittee and voice your support for HB1380.
  • This subcommittee is the first step toward the bill becoming law. It will pass through several committees in both the House and Senate, and with each step it will need your support. We’ll keep you posted on its progress.
  • Do you have a personal story about a 14-17-year-old in your life that demonstrates why children of that age are not mature enough to make a vaccination decision? Has your teen been experiencing peer pressure to do things they don’t want to do? Are you concerned about the COVID-19 vaccine and the pipeline of mRNA vaccines the pharmaceutical industry is developing?
  • If your child is “missing” one or more school-required vaccines, then you provided the school with either a medical or religious exemption. You made a decision based on your child’s medical needs or on the religious beliefs that guide your parenting decisions. Your teen should not be allowed to override those exemptions.
  • At this time, we are looking for individual emails and phone calls to go out to each member of the subcommittee, directly from your inbox or phone. Names, emails, and phone numbers are provided for you here.

At this time we are looking for individual emails and phone calls to go out to each member of the subcommittee, directly from your inbox or phone. Names, emails and phone numbers are provided for you, here.

TN House Subcommittee for Health

Chairman David Hawk (R)

(615) 741-7482

[email protected]

Tim Hicks (R)

(615) 741-1717

[email protected]

Darren Jernigan (D)

(615) 741-6959

[email protected]

Tom Leatherwood (R)

(615) 741-7084

[email protected]

Brock Martin (R)

(615) 741-7478

[email protected]

Bo Mitchell (D)

(615) 741-4317

[email protected]

Paul Sherrell (R)

(615) 741-1963

[email protected]

Bryan Terry (R)

(615) 741-2180

[email protected]

Ryan Williams (R)

(615) 741-1875

[email protected]

Your home address information is required from the legislative offices to ensure you are reaching out to your designated representatives. Your email and your phone number are used to establish connection with your designated representatives. Messages from non-constituents don't have the same impact on a legislator as messages from verified constituents, who can vote for that officeholder. We do not share your name and contact information with any third parties unless legally required to do so.

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