ACT NOW FLORIDA: Forced Vaccination is Back on the Table, Tell Your Senators To Oppose SB1234

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Monday, December 13, 2021 Senator Jason Pizzo (D) filed a bill entitled “Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies.” The bill would put “forced vaccination” back into our emergency language.
  • As you might remember HB7B just passed in our special session on November 19th. This bill removed the “forced vaccination” language from our emergency law. Anyone else feeling the exhaustion of policy whiplash, yet?
  • It is unethical and immoral to force an experimental vaccine that has known safety concerns and for which there is no liability.
  • Stand up for your basic human right for informed consent and to decline a medical intervention, fill out the form and then click to let write your local Senator and tell him/her “we the people” do not want “forced medical procedures” in our emergency law.
  • You can also directly email Senator Pizzo and urge him to withdraw his bill immediately, on the same page as writing your local Senator.¬†

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