Florida Department of Health Continues Putting Up Barriers to Parental Rights

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Last summer, we took action to address Florida local public health departments’ overreach and illegal roadblocks to securing religious exemptions. We received countless reports of the local health department blocking access to religious exemptions or mandating that the parent or guardian sign a Vaccine Education Form prior to receiving it. We requested that the FDOH discontinue use of the Vaccine Education Form and delete all records of any persons who have signed it. The Department responded by affirming that signing is not a requirement to receive a religious exemption and that the individuals had signed voluntarily. The Department also agreed to continue educating their staff.

Today, across the state of Florida, local health departments continue to utilize this form as a means to deter individuals from pursuing a religious exemption. The barrier is unlawful and discriminatory. You can help hold them accountable by not complying with their illegal requests and by participating in our brief survey before 12/28/2020.

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We need to hear from you. We will collect survey answers and submit into FDOH Chief Legal Counsel and Florida’s Surgeon General. Please send any additional comments in an email to [email protected]. Thank you for your participation. There is power in numbers and your story matters.

Opt Out of Surveillance Now

Florida Law Section 381.003(1)e(1). provides the department shall include all children in an inoculation registry, which includes exemptions, and allows for transfer of those records to other entities. However the statute also allows for parents to OPT OUT of the registry. Subparagraph (1)(e)2. provides that you can refuse to have your child in the entry by signing a form. However note that it’s not a “true opt out” as it states that it must be noted in the registry of the Opt Out! Take action to stop the tracking today!

Whether you vaccinate, partially vaccinate, or chose not to vaccinate, it’s a private medical decision and it’s in the best interest of all parents to consider Opting out of Florida Shots and Florida Department of Health’s databases. Contact Florida Shots and request this 877-888-7468 or [email protected].

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