Hoosiers: Our Lawmakers Still Need to End the Emergency and Stop Vaccine Mandates

Our Stand

  • Governor Holcomb has declared a public health emergency for the 19th time, as Covid cases are on the decline. Both Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and Senator Mike Braun have expressed concerns about how this emergency is undermining the freedoms of Hoosiers.
  • Furthermore, it is wrong to keep an emergency going for the sake of federal funding. We have already received enormous amounts of Covid relief money. It is time to break away from the federal government and be fiscally responsible with the money we already have.
  • We want to say thank you to our Indiana House and Senate leadership for not formally ending the legislative year following the completion of the redistricting progress. This shows us you remain open minded in regards to ending the state’s public health emergency and providing vaccine protections for Hoosiers.
  • It is one of the primary roles of government to step in when individual liberties are at risk. Employees are being pressured to take the jab or lose their jobs. Such treatment is beneath the dignity of Hoosiers, and no company should be allowed to demand employees be subjected to unwanted medical interventions.
  • We already protect workers from discrimination based on age, sex, creed and race. It is clear that we have now reached the point where we need to add vaccine status to that list.

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