Garrett Soldano for Michigan Governor

Stand for Health Freedom Endorses Gubernatorial Candidate Garrett Soldano for Michigan Governor

It’s been a few months since we have checked in with Garrett, here is an update on his race for Governor of Michigan.


In 2020, Garrett Soldano saw the need for a trusted governor to lead the state of Michigan. He looked for someone with strong convictions who would hold firm to the Constitution. Not seeing anyone stepping forward to stand up to Michigan’s current administration, Dr. Soldano hit the pause button on his chiropractic clinic to give his state the adjustment it needs to return to its roots of freedom and choice.

Growing up in a trailer park, Soldano watched as his parents pulled their family out of poverty and reclaimed their American Dream. His dad joined the Michigan National Guard, instilling a fierce love for country and sense of duty in young Soldano that he has carried with him his entire life.

After the lockdowns and mandates of the past two years, Soldano is passionate about making Michigan free again. “We need to make sure they can’t weaponize the health department,” he said. He wants to restore the checks and balances in state government, ensuring individual freedom and autonomy. “Big government in our everyday lives is a bad thing,” he stated.

Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and protect policy to support individual and family choice in matters of health and bodily autonomy. We believe Garrett Soldano will defend and expand these rights for Michigan residents.


Michiganders, be sure to bookmark your state page with this link, as your Voters’ Guide will be coming out soon. For more information about Vote for Health Freedom go to our VHF Homepage here. If you are you new to Stand for Health Freedom, learn about who we are here. We will be updating this information until election day, so keep checking back for additional information and intel.

Steps You Can Take

Step One: Support Garrett Soldano’s race for Governor by joining him on his website here.
Step Two: Use your voice to tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary! Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting a vaccine.
Step Three: If you appreciate the work we are doing here, please support us. We are 100% donor funded, by health freedom loving advocates like you.
Step Four: Stand for Health Freedom is now vetting and supporting other health freedom loving political candidates. Please reach out to your favorite candidates and ask them to fill out our survey in the button below.
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