How does SHF recommend and endorse?

Stand for Health Freedom recommends candidates that pass the Vote for Health Freedom team’s vetting process. Below is a quick review of our vetting process for recommended candidates.

  • The candidate will complete the Stand for Health Freedom candidate survey.
  • The SHF team will vet the candidate’s website, along with their social posts, media quotes and appearances, and voting record (for incumbents).
  • The candidate must be responsive to any follow-up requests.

For a candidate to be endorsed by Stand for Health Freedom, they must meet the qualifications below.

  • The candidate must first be qualified for recommendation (see the steps above).
  • The candidate must respond in a regular and timely fashion to SHF advocates and leadership via email, phone call, or in-person meetings.
  • The candidate must prioritize health freedom on their platform, via their website, their social media, and on the campaign trail at in-person meetings and events.  
  • The candidate must follow through on promises made.
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