Chip Roy for U.S. House, Texas District 21

Stand for Health Freedom endorses Chip Roy for U.S. House, Texas District 21

“It is absurd that we have a president that wants to send government workers door-to-door to push people to get an experimental vaccine,” said Representative Chip Roy. “That is not the role of the government. It is between and individual and their doctor. … That is why I have been pushing back against any attempt by the government to force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, including cosponsoring legislation to block vaccine passports and vaccine mandates for the military. It should be up to the individual.”

A conservative with extensive experience in both the private sector and public service, Roy is now serving his second term in Congress. Prior to his election, he served in multiple positions, including First Assistant Attorney General of Texas under Ken Paxton, Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, and senior advisor to Governor Rick Perry. He is also a former federal prosecutor, having served as Special Assistant United States Attorney in Texas’ eastern district.

“Because of President Biden’s power-hungry, anti-science COVID-19 vaccine mandate, hundreds of valuable American service members are being forced out of our military, taking with them years of subject-matter expertise, careers of selfless sacrifice, and lifelong dreams of military service. This is strategically foolish, profoundly unamerican, and completely unacceptable,” Roy said. “I introduced the Service Restoration Act to ensure that the brave men and women of our armed forces are not fired over this wrong-headed mandate — whether it be for a medical, religious, conscientious or any reason — and that those already dismissed are able to get back to honorably serving their country with their time of service and their records rightfully restored.”

Representative Roy also sponsored HR419, a bill that would essentially defund the WHO, as it removes access to American tax dollars. Stand for Health Freedom’s “What the WHO?” campaign included a call to action asking advocates to educate their congressmen and tell them to vote yes on the bill. Our 137,000 emails have gone out on that campaign and because of our advocates, we saw 46 more congressmen sign on to co-sponsor the bill.

Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and support policy to protect and expand individual and family choice in matters of personal health. We believe Chip Roy will defend and expand these rights for Texas residents

Texas, be sure to bookmark your state page with this link, as your Voters’ Guide is coming out soon. For more information about Vote for Health Freedom go to our VHF Homepage here. If you are you new to Stand for Health Freedom, learn about who we are here. We will be updating this information until election day, so keep checking back for additional information and intel.

Steps You Can Take


Step One: Support Chip Roy for Texas US House District 21 by joining him on his website here.

Step Two: Use your voice to tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary! Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting a vaccine.
Step Three: If you appreciate the work we are doing here, please support us. We are 100% donor funded, by health freedom loving advocates like you.
Step Four: Stand for Health Freedom is now vetting and supporting other health freedom loving political candidates. Please reach out to your favorite candidates and ask them to fill out our survey in the button below.
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