Jim Renacci for Governor of Ohio

Stand for Health Freedom Endorses Jim Renacci for Governor of Ohio

“If DeWine won’t protect our medical freedoms, then the people of Ohio will, which is why I’m fighting to get HB 248 [the Enact Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act] on the ballot and will fight to get it approved. DeWine has shown us exactly who he is. It’s never been more urgent for conservative Ohioans to retire Mike DeWine and elect a governor who will relentlessly fight for our state and our freedoms. That’s the kind of leadership I plan to bring to Columbus.”

Over 30 years ago, Jim Renacci moved to Ohio with a few hundred dollars, dreaming American dreams of starting a family and launching a business. From a blue-collar union family in western Pennsylvania, Renacci was the first in his family to graduate from college.

While representing Ohio in the U.S. Congress, Renacci earned a reputation for being a principled conservative and effective legislator. He quickly rose through the ranks to serve several powerful committees. And along the way, he’s developed a deepening support for health freedom and bodily autonomy.

“I applaud today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down Joe Biden’s authoritarian federal government vaccine mandate as a victory for Ohio workers and for liberty,” Renacci recently said. “It’s unfortunate that Ohioans had to wait for the Supreme Court to do what Mike DeWine was unwilling to do – protect our medical freedoms. This is a big victory, but more must be done to keep fighting vaccine mandates in Ohio, including passing HB 248 into law to ensure no business can discriminate against any Ohio worker or customer based on their personal health decisions. Mike DeWine’s statement today in support of more vaccine mandates shows he just doesn’t get it. Ohio will not be truly free until we retire Mike DeWine, who opposes our efforts and won’t lift a finger to actually fight these mandates as long as he is governor.”

When Akron Children’s Hospital planned to dismiss dozens of nurses and staff for refusing to follow the hospital’s vaccine mandate, Renacci issued the following statement:

“The idiotic decision by the administrators at Akron Children’s Hospital to dismiss dozens of their frontline health care workers due to their vaccination status in the middle of a COVID surge is backwards, counter-productive, and not based on science. Alarmingly, stories like this are happening all over Ohio. Mike DeWine has no intention to protect these frontline workers [whom] he pretends to support. Instead, he demonizes them for their personal health decisions, even after they’ve gone above and beyond to serve Ohio throughout the pandemic. This is why it is so urgent we put HB 248 on the ballot to protect Ohioans’ medical freedoms. As governor, I will lead the fight against vaccine mandates in Ohio, not enable and encourage them like Mike DeWine has done. To the staff of Akron Children’s Hospital: do not back down, we are standing with you!”

Ohio Attorney Thomas Renz spoke in support of Renacci’s run for governor, saying, “I do not think I can overstate that Jim has personally committed to me to stand for health freedom, to work to eliminate the massive levels of corruption in Ohio, and to push for a tremendous number of other issues I believe in. I believe he is sincere in his commitment. Jim can also win over DeWine and that has to happen. For all of the foregoing reasons I am supporting Jim Renacci for governor of Ohio.”

“My vision for Ohio is simple,” said Renacci. “I came here 38 years ago because back then Ohio was a land of opportunity.  A place where anything was possible. As a husband, father, and grandfather who proudly raised my family here in Ohio, I’m committed to restoring our state’s promise and protecting its future for all of us.”


Ohio, be sure to bookmark your state page with this link, as your Voters’ Guide is coming out soon. For more information about Vote for Health Freedom go to our VHF Homepage here. If you are you new to Stand for Health Freedom, learn about who we are here. We will be updating this information until election day, so keep checking back for additional information and intel.

Steps You Can Take

Step One: Support Jim Renacci for Governor of Ohio by joining him on his website here.
Step Two: Use your voice to tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary! Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting a vaccine.
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