Steven Haugaard for South Dakota Governor

Stand for Health Freedom Endorses Steven Haugaard for South Dakota Governor

“The government should never be in a position to demand citizens do anything other than refrain from committing crimes. One’s fundamental rights cannot be suspended or superseded by a healthcare crisis. Citizens should never be compelled to receive medical treatments without their consent, or without recourse to a religious exemption or medical exemption. During my series as Speaker of the House in 2020, I requested the Department of Health provide to the public real data regarding as to the severity of the reported infections. That was never done. Of the hundreds of thousands who were infected we only knew of those who were ultimately hospitalized. Of those who died while infected with COVID-19 we never heard of reliable distinctions between those who actually died of the infection as opposed to those who died due to underlying causes. The Secretary of Health never provided enough detailed information, so the public was left with fear instead of facts.”

Steve Haugaard was raised on a family farm near Madison, South Dakota. He attended South Dakota State University, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in multiple fields of study, including Engineering, Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Political Science. He has been married to the love of his life, Mary, for 44 years, and they have eight children and 22 grandchildren.

He attended law school at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree.

Steve has practiced law in Sioux Falls since 1983. He has maintained a general practice with a mix of in-office client services and litigation spanning everything from civil to criminal to administrative procedures. He has served as a Republican member of the 10th district in the South Dakota House of Representatives since 2015. He was elected Speaker of the House and served in that office from 2019 to 2021. He had been elected as Speaker pro tempore of the South Dakota House of Representatives and served in that office from 2017 to 2019.


  • Voted against Covid-19 lockdowns.
  • Requested Special Session for Covid relief.
  • Opposed “stay at home” orders.
  • Opposed Statewide fear literature of Covid.
  • Opposed Contact tracing.
  • Asked for valid Covid effects details.

Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and protect policy to support individual and family choice in matters of health and bodily autonomy. We believe Steven Hauggard will defend and expand these rights for South Dakota residents.

South Dakota, be sure to bookmark your state page with this link, as your Voters’ Guide is coming out soon. For more information about Vote for Health Freedom go to our VHF Homepage here. If you are you new to Stand for Health Freedom, learn about who we are here. We will be updating this information until election day, so keep checking back for additional information and intel.

Steps You Can Take


Step One: Support Steven Haugaard for South Dakota Governor by joining him on his website here.

Step Two: Use your voice to tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary! Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting a vaccine.
Step Three: If you appreciate the work we are doing here, please support us. We are 100% donor funded, by health freedom loving advocates like you.
Step Four: Stand for Health Freedom is now vetting and supporting other health freedom loving political candidates. Please reach out to your favorite candidates and ask them to fill out our survey in the button below.
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