Should your kids get COVID shots?

Parents are currently faced with a decision: whether or not to get their children the COVID shot. Shots for kids are only available under Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs). This means any shot available for children is still considered experimental. It is not a stretch, then, to say that parents are deciding whether they want their children to be part of the post-market data of a medical experiment. Do you feel you have enough information to make this decision? What do our experts say?

Click below to watch video clips of public health experts discussing the data they had before making the decision to authorize and recommend the Pfizer COVID shot for kids aged 5-11.



Children are the heart and soul of the work of Stand for Health Freedom. None of us are willing to pass the fight for medical freedom on to our kids. And we’ve known from the start that COVID policies are harmful to children. Now, over two years into tyrannical health policies, the whole world is seeing the negative effects on our youngest family members.

The media hype may have subsided, but the federal government is still pushing COVID policy as a seasonal threat, while preparing for the next pandemic. How many of us have seen toddlers or elementary kids afraid to take off their masks even when encouraged to do so? How many kids are suffering from anxiety or depression or other mental health challenges after losing precious years of their adolescence to COVID lockdown and isolation policies?

Mandates and policies that segregate and discriminate based on vaccine or test-to-stay status make kids a target for bullying and further isolation. SHF wants to keep you empowered in this busy world. In our update to Putting Kids First, you can read our new SHF guide to privacy in schools to learn how to spot a medical privacy violation and what to do about it.

Check out our new resources on the Putting Kids First page for help answering your questions about the COVID shot for kids, putting an eagle eye on privacy, and preventing health discrimination for our children.



The fear and government overreach that have ruled since the COVID pandemic was declared in March 2020 are starting to recede. But this is no time for napping; our kids still need us to protect them so we don’t have a repeat of the harmful emergency policies of the COVID pandemic.

The CDC may have changed its mask guidance again, and many governors have removed statewide mandates, but local school boards can still push masking and other harmful COVID policies. Test-to-stay, contact tracing, quarantines, and isolation remain. The Putting Kids First page has a Solutions Series video to help you learn techniques to address your school’s mandates. Click the link and scroll down the page to get access to easy-to-use resources you can employ in your schools to protect your children.


Steps you can take


Step One: We can all make a difference by distributing these Putting Kids First resources far and wide. Post this link on your social media by clicking the icons on the left side of this page. Print the free PDF guides and share them:

    • With your extended family
    • With your neighbors
    • At your church
    • At your local school board meeting
    • In face-to-face meetings with your legislators
    • At a local meetup that you coordinate

Step Two: Remind your governor that your children are not a medical experiment. Their health is in your hands, and you are the sole decision maker for their unique health needs. If you have not sent a message already, don’t wait! The FDA is waiting on data from Pfizer about their shot for kids under 5, which is anticipated in April 2022. Click below to send a letter to your state telling them the COVID shot must be voluntary.

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