Indiana Governor’s Public Health Commission

In August 2021, Governor Holcomb created the Governor’s Public Health Commission (GPHC) and charged them with addressing Indiana’s current public health structure, performance of state and local health departments, COVID-19 response, assessing delivery of public health services and funding, health equity, sustainability and emergency response improvements. The Commission held several meetings over 10 months before issuing its final report and 32 legislative recommendations in June 2022.

Below are resources to help you understand the GPHC’s proposals and Stand for Health Freedom’s concerns and support of the proposals. Some resources provide a quick overview and others provide an in-depth analysis of the entire 130-page report put forth by the GPHC.

Flyer - 5 minutes

Highlights our biggest concerns with the GPHC proposal.

Slide Deck – 10 minutes

Our 22-slide presentation includes a little more in-depth coverage of the issues, additional areas of concern, and several supporting graphics.

Audio/Video recording – 13 minutes

Our 13-minute video recording includes clips from the final GPHC meeting in June, where members of the GPHC state that they’re going to sell the bill as being voluntary, while making it painful for any county that chooses to opt-out. They also share that re-education efforts will be focused on those counties to ensure better compliance moving forward.

Full Analysis  Reference guide or full breakdown

Stand for Health Freedom’s 30-page, full analysis of the entire GPHC report can either be read cover-to-cover for the most in-depth understanding of our concerns or can be used to spot-check single issues. In our analysis, we break down what’s wrong with the GPHC’s recommendations, where the evidence is lacking, where there are inconsistencies, and more. We also provide documentation to support our counterclaims.

On February 9, 2023, Stand for Health Freedom delivered testimony before the Indiana House Ways and Means Committee. Leah Wilson, SHF’s executive director and an Indiana resident, was there to argue against increasing funding for Gov Holcomb’s Health Dept by $200 million per year — the “extreme expansion of public health” with its 29x budget increase.

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