The best way to have a country you love and want to be active in, is to get involved in your local community and use your voice! Voter/activism participation from the younger generation creates an equal voice. Practice using your voice, by telling us your thoughts on politics here.


Steps you can take


Step One: Curious to better understand who we are? Read about our mission, the path forward as we see it and take a look at who is running the show by click on on our “about us” page.


Step Two:  Stand for Health Freedom says no to government overreach and yes to humans making their own personal decisions about how to care for their bodies. Looking to get involved? Take action here and tell your local lawmakers that you want choice when it comes to medical decisions, particularly vaccines.


Step Three: Knowledge is power. Know your rights! Keep in the know quickly with SHF’s free printable resources on topics like the COVID mandates, the CDC’s immunization schedule, religious rights in health care, and more.

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