Stand for Health Freedom Turns A Year Old

Thank You for Standing With Us

Until we show our numbers, politicians will follow the money. Apathy and silence reward the special interests every time.

– Louise Kuo

We are incredibly grateful to you for supporting us in our first year. You made a difference! With your support, in just a year’s time Stand for Health Freedom:

  • Launched over 30 national and state campaigns
  • Grew our health freedom voting bloc to over 150,000
  • Sent nearly 550,000 health freedom messages to elected officials
  • Contacted over 20,000 elected officials across the United States

Stand for Health Freedom was founded to allow individuals like you to hold the government accountable for protecting the interests of the people.

With an aggressive agenda underway to erode health freedom, we need your continued support now more than ever. Mandatory medicine and interventions threaten our basic human rights and our democracy. 

Without health freedom there is no true freedom. Please help us continue our mission to safeguard basic human rights, constitutional rights and parental rights by giving today. Let’s stand together to ensure that health remains a personal choice and a personal responsibility.

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