Open Letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

“When the two pillars of medicine – First Do No Harm and Informed Consent – are no longer operational, we are all in grave danger.”

These are the words of Dr. Jane Grey, MD, on May 10, 2021, in an urgent message to the people of British Columbia.

Dr. Grey is addressing the recent statements issued by the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in British Columbia and in Ontario. [1] [2] These statements direct doctors to violate their medical ethics and conscience and to make primary care decisions which are not in the best interest of their patients.

According to these College directives, physicians are forbidden to question or debate any or all of the official measures imposed in response to COVID-19, no matter how unwarranted or contraindicated these measures may be to the health of their patients. The CPS threatens physicians with “investigations and disciplinary action” should they fail to comply with these directives.

Courageous doctors across Canada have organized a response to the fast-encroaching medical tyranny. Their response and a declaration in support of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth can be found at: We encourage physicians and concerned citizens to sign this declaration.

Vaccine Choice Canada is equally concerned by the efforts of Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons to muzzle and censor frontline experts who are acting in the best interests of their patients. A physician’s primary duty of care is not to the CPS or any other authority, but to their patients.

In response, Vaccine Choice Canada has written an open letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. This letter strongly advises CPSBC to withdraw their statement and instead issue a statement in support of BC physicians who “act first and foremost in the interest of their patients.”

A copy of the open letter is below.




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