You can stop parental coercion with the power of your voice and your vote

You probably have already heard the CDC’s advisory panel voted to add COVID shots to the childhood and adult recommended schedules. You know this is not based on science or common sense.

Candidates endorsed by Stand for Health Freedom did not hesitate to speak out against this horrific move:

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With less than 3 weeks left until the election, we need to do everything we can to support our health freedom candidates, to protect our families and the Constitution.

What now?

It doesn’t matter what the CDC did today, nor how sneaky they were in folding these experimental shots into the routine schedule. It is critical that Americans elect candidates who will protect informed consent and parental rights.

Go to Vote for Health Freedom to find good candidates in your area.

The schedule isn’t official until it is published, traditionally in February. COVID shots for schools will likely face legal challenges. Get ahead of the curve and find out how your state changes its school requirements for immunizations. (Look for a handy guide coming from SHF soon!) Get to know the people in charge of that, whether it is a board of public health, or a state lawmaker. If that seat is up for election, vote on this issue!

The CDC only has the power we give it. When we sit at our kitchen tables, gather in community, or visit our health providers, we can do what is right for us and our families. That is what the US Constitution and Bill of Rights protects. This freedom is a unique and precious responsibility that we can only give to our children if we fight for it now.

Is it “okay” to put EUA shots on the schedules?

One ACIP panelist asked if EUA shots could be put on the schedule, and she was told the Office of General Council said it was “okay.” It is not “okay,” and we can’t allow it to be. Last year we saw millions of Americans get jabs for jobs when the White House ignored the Constitution and illegally declared OHSA would mandate it. The Supreme Court stopped the mandate, but only after millions were coerced into getting the shot. The new schedule won’t be official until next year, but like the OSHA plan, it may induce parents to get their kids the shots, assuming they’ll be required (and thinking the shots are safe if they are on the schedule).

You can stop parental coercion with the power of your voice and your vote.

People that Stand for Health Freedom endorses say no, this is not okay. Help us promote candidates in key races through our Health Freedom Wins initiative. Contact their campaigns directly to get involved: donate, send texts or make phone calls on their behalf, go to events, wave signs, put signs in your yard…make sure Americans who want to protect their freedoms go to the polls on November 8!

Final ACIP items to watch

  1. Discussion on pushing shots in pregnancy is trending. The CDC supports a Healthy People 2030 goal to increase TDaP in pregnancy in the coming years. The COVID and flu shots are undergoing trials with an eye toward more recommendations in pregnancy. Educate those you know on the safety signals that come from VAERS, and the inadequacy of safety information.
  2. Another Healthy People 2030 goal is to make sure everyone 19+ has gotten all their shots. The CDC is launching a “play catchup” program to address the declining numbers of children getting shots already on the schedule. Also look for more talk of the adult immunization schedule, which is also expanding.
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