URGENT: Support HR419, No Taxpayer Funding for the WHO.

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Our Stand

  • In 2005, America agreed to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) only to the extent it would not affect state sovereignty.
  • The new proposed amendments to the existing International Health Regulations, along with a pending pandemic treaty being drafted right now, would vastly expand the authority and resources of the WHO.
  • The amendments and the treaty would threaten state sovereignty by triggering an expansion of legal power of the CDC to detain and examine Americans based solely on the statements of unelected WHO leaders.
  • The WHO and its members are immune to liability per international agreement, so the American Constitution will not protect Americans when it comes to the actions of the World Health Organization —no transparency, no accountability.
  • Basically, the WHO is on track to become a global health governance body, which would undermine the health and security of Americans and the U.S. itself.
  • International agreements are made by the president, but Congress must provide oversight and step in when the President goes too far.
  • It is not too late to stop the U.S. from signing on to a global health government: America must stop funneling U.S. tax dollars to the World Health Organization now! Click to ask your U.S. House Representative to Support HR419, which would defund the WHO and call your local U.S. Senator asking them to do their job to offer oversight so that the current administration does not destroy our U.S. constitution when it comes to public health. Our Congress needs to keep Biden in check with international relations!
  • Don’t forget to call your congressional legislators as well, we must amplify the message, so that they take action quickly. Are you reading this at night or on the weekend? You can still call and leave a message.
  • Want more information on these amendments? Please read below.
  • Would you like to know more about the WHO pandemic treaty? Click here and sign our petition respectfully requesting the US decline participation in such an agreement. If such agreement is adopted, the US must immediately opt-out, as is our right under the WHO Constitution.

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This campaign has expired. Go to SHF’s WHO Resource Page for the most current actions, in-depth analysis, free printables, and more.

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