URGENT: Tell the FDA to Say NO to Pfizer Jabs for Children Under 5

Pfizer Said It's Not Ready, but the White House Wants It.

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • FDA will meet February 15, 2022 to discuss expanding the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s covid jab to children 6 months to 5 years old. Approval would make approximately 18 million more children eligible for an experimental jab.
  • In December 2021, Pfizer announced the 2-dose series wasn’t successful and did not provide immunity in 2-5 year olds, and they began trials for a 3-dose series. Despite this failure, the FDA asked Pfizer to submit an application for authorization in this age group.
  • This means VRBPAC will be voting on authorization for a vaccine in our youngest, most vulnerable children already knowing it is not effective, and without safety data.
  • Eric Rubin, a member of the FDA’s reviewing committee said this was “very unusual” and that “FDA doesn’t seem to be immune to political pressures.”
  • Jeffrey Zientz, White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator told the press the administration is ready to “hit the ground running” to vaccinate infants and toddlers as soon as they get the authorization.
  • Why the jab when, according to data published by the CDC, 99.99815% of children who contract COVID-19 survive. And, children are not even the spreaders.
  • There are no long-term safety studies for this age group, or any age group, for the mRNA covid vaccines because the placebo group was “unblinded” and allowed to get the vaccine. Plus there are 36,167 adverse events reported to VAERS as of February 4, 2022 in children under 18.
  • Stand for Health Freedom cannot give you a script because similar comments will be deleted from the record. You can find inspiration from the points above, or write from your own experience and knowledge. Your comment can be as simple as one sentence with your disapproval, or can be lengthy with supporting documentation. It is imperative that you go on record asking the FDA to do its job and insisting that certain questions are answered first:
    • Would the purpose in 6 months old to 5 year olds be to protect adults since this age group is not at risk?
    • What proof do you have that the shot is necessary for this age group?
    • What data shows that the benefit outweighs the risk in this age group?
    • How will post-market data be tracked?

Comments received on or before February 10, 2022 will be provided to the committee. However, if you miss that window, know that the docket will remain open until February 14, 2022 and become part of our nation’s public record and will be taken into consideration by the FDA.

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Our Stand: The Full Story

The White House has enough “kid-sized needles” and Pfizer jabs to “hit the ground running” to vaccinate infants and toddlers under 5 as soon as there is authorization from VRBPAC.


VRBPAC does not have all the safety data it needs, and it is already known a 2-dose regimen is NOT effective in this age group, by Pfizer’s own report!


You can help stop this. You must tell our government what you want for your children. You can make a public comment (by name or anonymously) that will go on record for the FDA to consider as it decides on Emergency Use Authorization for covid vaccines for children ages 6 months – 4 years.


There is an FDA meeting on February 15, 2022 to discuss expanding the Pfizer EUA to children as young as 6 months. The meeting is being held by the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), a panel of doctors and scientists who advise the FDA on whether to approve or authorize biologics for use in American populations.


If the FDA expands the Pfizer EUA to children as young as 6 months, systems are already in place to distribute the jab to our most vulnerable. The ultimate goal for the White House is to expand the vaccine authorization to all children and get the jab on the ACIP Vaccine Schedule.


Comments received on or before February 10 will be received by the VRBAC panel. Comments received by February 14 will be read by the FDA.


The FDA must take into consideration public comment as well as the advice of VRBPAC when making decisions about novel biologics that enter the US market. Commenting in the Federal Register (the publication for all federal agency actions) is a powerful, simple, and non-confrontational way to make your voice heard.

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