ALABAMA: Protect health freedom by telling Senate sponsors that the State Health Officer position must only be appointed by the governor

SB171 must be withdrawn because it’s dangerous to let the State Public Health Committee narrow the options.

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • SB171 is a dangerous bill that pretends it’s giving the State Health Officer less power but it’s just a red herring. The bill originally called for the State Health Officer (SHO) to be appointed by the governor.
  • The bill has since been amended so that the governor will appoint the State Health Officer from a list presented by the State Committee of Public Health (MASA).
  • This would put Alabama citizens at the mercy of those who are lobbying only for public health. Do you really think they will appoint someone that doesn’t follow their directives? 
  • Alabamians felt the wrath of what Governor Ivey did during the pandemic. At the expense of our citizens, when doctors Burke, Fauci, and Harris said jump, Governor Ivey asked how high.
  • This type of control is never good for the individual citizen. Please email and call the sponsoring senators and tell them that while we support the governor appointing a State Health Officer, his appointment must be independent of forced input from the State Committee of Public Health., Ask the sponsors to withdraw the bill.

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