Tell your congressman no more money for bad CDC policy and no more data collection

The CDC’s calls for more money and power will cost Americans tax dollars and liberty.

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • The CDC is currently reorganizing and announced plans to ask Congress for more money and more authority.
  • The CDC doesn’t need more money; it needs to reorganize its spending priorities.
  • The CDC has shown America they have zero regard for privacy.
  • Nothing in the CDC overhaul plans have addressed accountability. Instead, the CDC wants more freedom and more authority to act.
  • The mistakes made by the CDC had nothing to do with a shortage of data or funding. They ignored basic and well-established science, like natural immunity.
  • Tell Congress the remedy for the CDC’s failure is true accountability. Our legislators can and must stop giving more power and money to the CDC. They can and must stop the CDC’s disregard for privacy and intrusion on states’ rights. Sign the petition today and watch for more calls to action as we respond to the items in front of Congress.

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