URGENT INDIANA: Senate – Your Turn to Pass Vax Protections

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • The Indiana House passed HB1001- a bill to provide Covid-19 vaccine protections for workers in Indiana. This bill offers protections that are stronger than what we have in place now — and it is our goal to make sure this bill gets through the Senate. We know this bill isn’t ideal. We wanted absolutely no mandates, no data collection, and no discrimination. We didn’t get that in HB1001. However, this bill does ensure that any worker who wants an exemption from the shot can receive one — and that’s an accomplishment. Our House members deserve thanks for making this bill a priority so early in the session.
  • We are only half-way done. Our next challenge is getting this bill through the Senate. While the House has demonstrated its enthusiasm for advancing vaccine protections since the fall, we have not seen the same level of interest on the Senate side. A move to fast-track this legislation in November was abandoned, and many blamed the Senate for blocking that effort.
  • With HB1001 on its way to the Senate, we must do all we can to make sure this bill doesn’t die there. We must exert heavy pressure and let them know there is no more time for excuses. This is a priority. For many of us, this is the biggest issue preceding the 2022 election — and we will be paying attention to how the Senate handles this bill. If this bill fails, it is on them.
  • Please contact your Senator about moving HB1001 forward. At the top of the email, there is room to type your own personal message. We have already been waiting since last year for this legislation. We want protection from vaccine mandates in 2022!

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