Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Stand for Health Freedom has spent the last two years fighting for a state bill that would protect Indiana workers against forced Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • The House passed HB1001, which provided exemptions for workers — so that no one would be forced to take the shot. However, once the Senate got hold of the bill, they took out most of the meaningful protections.
  • The most important protection the Senate stripped was an enhanced religious exemption that said workers should be able to receive a religious exemption without further inquiry. That meant that employers could not ask invasive questions about someone’s religious objections to the vaccine.
  • Senator Blake Doriot authored an amendment to reinsert this House language back into the Senate version of the bill. We surveyed Republican senators and discovered we had support for Doriot’s amendment.
  • Regardless, Senate leadership did not allow the amendment to move forward for a public vote. We have put forward a strongly written letter, calling out Republican leadership for blocking this amendment.
  • We ask you to also sign onto this open letter, so they know how they have failed their constituents and neglected their duty to uphold religious liberty. You can sign onto the open letter by filling out the form.
  • Please know that the legislative process is not over. Both the Senate and House versions of the bill will go to conference committee, where the two versions will be reconciled. Stand for Health Freedom will continue to advocate for stronger language and enhanced religious protections as we wind up negotiations on HB1001.

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