Attention Indiana: Urge Your Reps To Make Vax Protections A Priority In 2022

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  • Since earlier this year we have asked the Indiana legislature to push for vaccine mandate protections for Hoosiers. Our calls have gone unheard. We are trying again. It is time to make it illegal to discriminate against someone based on his or her vaccine choices.
  • As you know, the Senate failed to move forward SB74, which would have protected employees from forced vaccination. Since then, Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Indiana have skyrocketed. Workers have taken the vax rather than lose their jobs. University students have felt pressured to comply in order to go to school. Jobs have been lost. Vaccine passports are starting to appear. And, now President Biden’s mandate is pushing even more Indiana companies to issue vaccine requirements.
  • All hopes have been erroneously pinned on an experimental vaccine with a questionable track record. Many people already have natural immunity, some are not at serious risk for the virus, and still others choose to protect their health in other ways.  It is clear that treating people differently simply based on the fact they have chosen not to opt for a vaccination is wrong and must end now.
  • Free countries do not force or coerce people to participate in medical interventions. It is unethical for our state representatives to wait any longer to stop these anti-American mandates. If we allow government and business to cross into individual health autonomy, we lose our liberty, period. A free country cannot be maintained when an individual cannot stop the state from entering into his bodily domain.
  • The situation is dire, and it’s only going to get worse. A two-class society is already underway, where those that vaccinate receive perks, and those who don’t are shamed, punished and pushed aside. While Attorney General Todd Rokita is working on defeating President Biden’s mandate nationally, more help is needed at the state level. We must put forward a multi-layered approach that includes a new Indiana law to make sure no more Hoosiers will be coerced into vaccination.
  • In order to stop this madness, we must act to make vaccine status a protected class. We do not tolerate discrimination when it applies to sex, disability, religion or disability. Discrimination based on vaccine-status must end, as well. We are asking our policy makers to pass a law that will do this.
  • Please ask your legislators to make vaccine protections their number one priority for Hoosiers. Freedom in Indiana is under attack. And it’s our representatives job to make sure that our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are protected.
  • Special Call to Action posted below for November 15 and 16.

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Indiana legislators will be meeting this week for Organization Day. We want them to put vaccine mandate protections at the top of their agenda for 2022. Last year, the statehouse put business first and made its hallmark legislation a Covid shield law, so that businesses couldn’t be sued for Covid claims. This year, we are telling our legislature that the people need to be the priority. If we do not protect the bodily autonomy of individuals, we will lose our freedom as a nation.

Our goal is to obtain legislation that will stop employers and other institutions from discriminating against people based on vaccination decisions. We are seeking a bill similar to that of Montana’s. You can find more information about this bill HERE.

What we don’t want is a bill like the Iowa bill, an exemption bill which reduces religious protections and offers unemployment payments to people fired as a result of refusing the shot. This bill continues to water down our rights. Unfortunately, the name of the game is to give people exemptions, narrow the exemptions, then take them away completely. We cannot go down this dangerous road. We need to stop the discrimination, period. We have heard rumblings that the Iowa bill is under consideration for Indiana. This is not a bill we want.

People should not be forced to ask permission from businesses or the government to protect their own bodies. This is an inalienable right enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. Exemptions are not sufficient and weaken freedom in the long-run.

This week, as the legislators meet, we ask you to do two things:

1) If you haven’t done so yet, send this automated email to your local legislators and tell them to put meaningful vaccine protection legislation forward: Attention Indiana: Urge Your Reps To Make Vax Protections A Priority In 2022 | Stand for Health Freedom.

2) Call your state senator and representative. Calls are powerful. Unlike an email, calls demand immediate attention. Here is a sample script for you to follow: “Hello, I’m calling to tell you that I want to see strong vaccine protections passed in the upcoming session. We would like you to work on making vaccine status a protected class, so that Hoosiers are no longer discriminated for their vaccine choices.” You can find your personal state senator and representative phone numbers here: Find Your Legislator | Stand For Health Freedom

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