TEXAS: Click to support a bill that prohibits vaccination discrimination from insurance providers

HB44 Prohibits Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) providers from refusing to provide care to a participant based on vaccination status

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  • HB44 would stop medical coercion and prevent health care discrimination by prohibiting health care practitioners providing care under Medicaid or CHIP from denying care to a participant based on which vaccines they did or did not receive.
  • Children on government assisted healthcare already have limited choices in covered healthcare providers. When providers refuse to give medical care to a child collectively in a geographical area based on vaccination status, this results in either no healthcare or coerced vaccination for the child. This is wrong for so many reasons but especially because Texas law allows for parents to refuse vaccination for their children with exemptions for either medical reasons or reasons of conscience including a religious belief.
  • It is bad public policy to use tax dollars to support the coercion or forcing of vaccination in exchange for access to health care, especially when Texas law allows parents to decline vaccination when they claim an exemption.
  • HB44 will protect every Texans’ right to health freedom and you can spend a few minutes today to pass protections into law that will last forever.
  • SUGGESTED COMMENTS: State that you are in support of the bill. Share personal stories of medical providers refusing care over vaccination status to show the need for legislation like this especially when parents have the right under state law to use vaccine exemptions.  Please consider adding a comment that there is a problem with health care providers denying health care over vaccination status to everyone so the legislature should consider prohibiting discrimination or refusal of care over vaccination status for all Texans.

Submit official written testimony in support of HB44 before the House Public Health Committee hearing on Monday. The sooner you provide comments, the more likely the committee members will see your comments and consider them when voting on the bills.

Click here to provide written testimony. Once on that page, select HB44, fill out the form in support of the bill and submit your testimony.

TIPS FOR COMMENTS: Read over the “suggested comments” for each bill. Be polite, sincere, concise, and articulate in your written comments.

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