LOUISIANA: We need your voice to keep moving The No Patient Left Alone Act, again

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • The No Patient Left Alone Act passed has now moved out of committee with and it has landed on the Senate room floor, it’s time to write and tell your local Senator that they must pass this protection.
  • During the pandemic, we lost our humanity when our loved ones were forced to suffer and die alone in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Parents were denied access to children who are residents in homes for those with mental disabilities. Family and friends were denied the opportunity to see their loved ones. Abuse and neglect went unnoticed. Long-term care residents were denied Holy Communion when priests were denied access to offer the sacraments or last rights. HB291 by Rep. Chuck Owen, the No Patient Left Alone Act, ensures that these tragic events never take place again.
    • Patients and long-term care residents should never be denied access to loved ones or clergy.
    • If a health care worker can safely enter a resident’s room, a loved one can, too.
    • HB291 ensures that at least one designated essential caregiver will always have access to their loved one.
    • HB291 ensures that no one will be forced to die alone ever again.
    • HB291 ensures that patient neglect will not have the opportunity to go unnoticed.
    • HB291 ensures that no patient will be left to suffer or grow old alone.
    • Please contact the members of the House Health and Welfare Committee and ask them to vote YES for HB291.

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