ATTENTION TENNESSEE: Tell your legislators to support the freedom to choose how to treat COVID-19

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • The TN bills (House Bill HB2746 / Senate Bill SB2188) that make ivermectin available from a pharmacist without a prescription are making progress! They have passed the health committees in both the House and Senate and are now moving to what’s called “floor votes.” That means every single senator and representative in the TN legislature will soon be voting on these bills.
  • The bills got this far thanks to the hard work of citizen advocates and the brilliant testimony by critical care specialists (Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory), and many other medical and science professionals (Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. John Littel, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Denise Sibley).
  • Make lifesaving early treatment with ivermectin, properly dispensed by a pharmacist, available to all Tennesseans!
  • To step over the finish line, we need you! It’s very simple. Just tell your senator and your representative you’re thrilled that the ivermectin bill has passed in committees, and that, as a constituent, you’d like them to vote YES on House Bill HB2746 / Senate Bill SB2188.

Your home address information is required from the legislative offices to ensure you are reaching out to your designated representatives. Your email and your phone number are used to establish connection with your designated representatives. Messages from non-constituents don't have the same impact on a legislator as messages from verified constituents, who can vote for that officeholder. We do not share your name and contact information with any third parties unless legally required to do so.

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