TEXAS: Click to require COVID-19 adverse reaction studies

HB 1313 Requires Health & Human Services Commission in collaboration with the Department of State Health Services to conduct a study on adverse reactions to COVID-19 shots

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  • HB1313 is a common sense bill that requires the Health and Human Services Commission, in collaboration with the Department of State Health Services, to conduct a study to assess the full and complete adverse reactions, including death, and effectiveness of each type of shot used in Texas for COVID-19.
  • The report must include immediate short-term side effects and adverse reactions, immediate serious side effects and adverse reactions recipients experienced, and any long-term side effects and adverse reactions recipients experienced from taking the various COVID-19 shots used in Texas.
  • The report also must include any misrepresentations about the effectiveness or dangers of taking of the covid shot by its manufacturers or any governmental agency and any concealment of information about the effectiveness or dangers of taking the covid shot by its manufacturers or any governmental agency.
  • Information shall be gathered from the department’s vital statistics unit and the state Medicaid program, hospitals, treatment centers, available surveys, and other relevant sources.
  • No later than January 1, 2024, the Commission and Department shall prepare and submit to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Chairpersons of the relevant Texas legislative committees with jurisdiction over the Commission and the Department, a copy of the report, summary of any findings, and any recommendations for legislative or executive action to reduce the prevalence of COVID-19 shot side effects. The department may post the report on the department’s Internet website.
  • This bill is necessary because COVID-19 shots have had a concerning number of adverse reactions, with more injury reports than any other vaccine in history. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not acknowledged the extent of this safety problem, and has failed in their core responsibility of protecting the American people.
  • 34,653 deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and 1,530,329 adverse events have been reported to VAERS where the shot is either COVID-19 or COVID19-2 as of the 3/3/2023 release of VAERS data.
  • Texans can take action today to protect the integrity of covid shot safety and lead the way in the investigation process to get America (and Texas) back on track. Texas can take the lead and show other states how it’s done.
  • SUGGESTED COMMENTS: State that you are in support of the bill. Share your own personal stories or those of someone you know that has had a bad reaction to a COVID-19 shot to support the need for this bill. It is worth mentioning in your written comments if these reactions were not disclosed as a possibility prior to getting the shot. You may want to consider suggesting the bill be amended to require that the Department of State Health Services publish the report on their website for the public to view.  That is only optional for the department in the bill now.  

Submit official written testimony in support of HB1313 before the House Public Health Committee hearing on Monday. The sooner you provide comments, the more likely the committee members will see your comments and consider them when voting on the bills.

Click here to provide written testimony. Once on that page, select HB1313, fill out the form in support of the bill and submit your testimony.

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