SOUTH DAKOTA: Ask Senate Health and Human Services Committee to Support the COVID Vaccine Freedom of Conscience Act

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Thanks to South Dakotans urging their legislators to support House Bill 1258 it has passed the House and is being heard in the Senate Health and Human Services committee Tomorrow March 2nd at 10am.
  • On Wednesday February 16th Speaker of the House Gosch amended House Bill 1258. As amended, it will give protections to South Dakotans against Covid19 vaccine mandates.
  • The bill will create an additional exemption (beyond the 1964 Civil Rights Act) to the COVID-19 vaccines for the purpose of conscientious objections, along with clear guidance to state courts upon violation of a conscience objection.
  • Codifying Covid-19 vaccine religious and medical exemptions would be in-line with South Dakota’s long standing exemption policy for vaccine mandates, that the state places on both public and private school enrollees, and consistent with the protections being passed in other states. It’s not ideal, but adding a conscientious exemption to the medical and religious is a step in the right direction.
  • We have an amazing opportunity to support this important legislation. House Bill 1258 has been assigned to Senate Health and Human Services, you can two things to help this bill pas.
    1. Share your story and urge the committee to vote “do pass” by taking action on this campaign.
    2. Come to Pierre to testify at 10am Room 412 or request to testify remotely by sending an email here.

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