URGENT COLORADO: Tell your legislators to support standards for immunization requirements

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Representatives Tonya Van Beber and Matt Soper introduced legislation (HB1201) that allows individuals who are required to receive an immunization for any purpose to claim an exemption from the requirement if the:
    • Immunization has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    • Immunization has only received emergency use authorization.
    • Immunization manufacturer is not liable for injury or death caused by the immunization.
    • Pivotal clinical trial the FDA relied on to approve the immunization did not evaluate the immunization’s safety, for at least one year after the immunization was first administered, against a control group.
  • The bill requires the Department of Public Health & Environment to post on its website
    • The criteria that must be met for an individual to claim an exemption from an immunization requirement.
    • For each immunization required:
      • The injuries or diseases caused by the immunization and the rate at which each injury or disease occurs.
      • Whether the risk of permanent disability or death from the required immunization has been proven to be less than the risk of permanent disability or death from the infection or disease the immunization is intended to prevent.
  • Although HB1100 is the most ideal bill for protecting health freedom in Colorado, this bill also strengthens medical freedom and deserves our support.
  • Send an email to the Business Affairs & Labor Committee urging them to support HB1201 as we need health choice in the state of Colorado.

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