ACT NOW COLORADO: Workers shouldn’t be treated differently based on vaccine status.

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • Representative Kevin Van Winkle introduced legislation (HB1200) that requires an employer who imposes a COVID-19 vaccine requirement to grant that employee an exemption. Employers imposing a COVID-19 vaccine requirement must honor employees’ personal health concerns.
  • It’s not okay that employers have zero liability, should a vaccine injure or kill an employee due to the employer’s demands.
  • It’s not okay that vaccine manufacturers also have zero liability.
  • An employer is not entitled to dictate private health matters of employees as a condition of employment.
  • Employees’ spiritual and religious beliefs and lifestyle choices must be respected.
  • Although HB1100 is the most ideal bill for protecting health freedom in Colorado, this bill also strengthens medical freedom and deserves our support.
  • Ask the Business Affairs & Labor Committee to support HB1200. All employees should be able to freely choose whether or not to vaccinate. They should not be forced to disclose their vaccine status. Employers should not be able to keep records on their workers’ vaccine status. And, employees should not be treated differently in the workplace based on their vaccine choices.

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