URGENT ILLINOIS: Urge House of Representatives to Oppose HB1167 as it Enables Highly Discriminatory Practices in Schools

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • HB1167 was filed on February 11, 2021, by Representative Emanuel Chris Welch (D) as a “Shell Bill”. A Shell Bill is a legislative bill, typically with no substantive provisions, that is introduced for purposes of later being amended to include the actual legislative proposals advanced by the introducer or another legislator.
  • On February 15, 2022, the Chief Sponsor of HB1167 was changed from Representative Emanuel Chris Welch (D) to Representative Janet Yang Rohr (D).
  • The House Executive Committee passed HB1167 Amendments 1 [February 16, 2022: 8(D)-6(R)], 2 [February 24, 2022: 9(D)-6(R)], and 3 [February 24, 2022: 9(D)-6(R)] on partisan votes.
  • HB1167 may now be voted on by the House at any moment at which point it would crossover to the Senate.
  • In correspondence, dated February 17, 2022, from Representative Janet Yang Rohr’s office, it was stated that “The bill allows teachers and staff to have administrative days rather than having to use their sick days when they or their school-age children are required to be out of school due to covid-related illness or quarantine. To receive these admin days, teachers/staff have to have received the requisite number of covid shots required to be fully vaccinated within five weeks of the bills signing (e.g., one j&j dose is currently considered by the CDC to be fully vaccinated). Those that are protected by federal medical or religious exemptions from vaccines would also receive these administrative days. Over 90% of teachers and school staff would currently be eligible for these admin days.”
  • HB1167 covers vaccinated employees in public schools, universities, and community colleges, giving them paid leave for COVID-related days off, including quarantining and caring for a child. Sick days already used this year for COVID reasons will be restored. The bill also would guarantee wages to vaccinated hourly workers who are required to miss work during a school closure or e-learning day because of COVID.
  • HB1167 has no mention of Medical and/or Religious Exemptions. Stand for Health Freedom and Protect Parents’ Rights in Illinois have demanded that this language be added to the current legislation.
  • Furthermore, Representative Janet Yang Rohr failed to include in her correspondence mentioned above that HB1167 requires school staff BOTH to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 AND to participate in the COVID-19 testing program in order to receive administrative pay for COVID-related absences.
  • Join your fellow Illinoisans in ensuring that highly discriminatory practices in schools are not supported by law. And, further, that teachers and school staff are not coerced and/or punished for their medical choices. Simply click to email your Illinois House of Representative member, House Speaker Welch, and Bill Sponsor Representative Rohr and then CALL ALL HOUSE DEMOCRATS HERE — click on “Party” in the top row to sort all “Ds” first (numbers will auto dial from a smartphone).
  • Please share this important campaign with your friends, family, and neighbors.

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