Governor Holcomb: End Destructive Contact Tracing and Quarantining in Schools

Our Stand

  • Contact tracing and quarantining is destructive to the wellbeing of children and hurting Indiana families. While it certainly makes sense to keep a child home when showing symptoms and sick, we can no longer tolerate a system designed to keep our kids out of school.
  • Contact tracing leads to empty classrooms. The virus is so widespread that children are constantly contact traced and pulled out of schools — time after time — resulting in devastating losses in education. This is unsustainable, ineffective and unnecessary.
  • There is no proof that this arbitrary contact tracing strategy — using 6-feet measures without masks, or 3-feet rules with masks — is working. Without solid evidence, we cannot continue to let this go on. Our children cannot endure this for another school year.
  • Legislators are feeling the pressure from constituents, too, and we need them to know that we are behind any efforts they can take to help us end this destructive contract tracing and quarantining in our schools for good.
  • Please ask the governor to end pointless contact tracing and quarantining. He has the power to do this by eliminating these measures from his executive order, #21-19, which expires on August 30, 2021. Your legislators will be copied on your letter to the governor, so they know you are behind their efforts to end these senseless Covid policies.

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