ACT NOW IOWA: Iowa’s Medical Privacy and Freedom Act is in Danger

Our Stand: At-A-Glance

  • CONGRATULATIONS IOWANS! The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act (HF2545) passed the Iowa House State Government Committee on 2/16/22 on a party line vote! The next hurdle is passing the Iowa House Floor prior to the second funnel deadline on March 18. Let’s Continue to keep up the pressure and momentum to restore our rights.
  • House Leadership is discussing adding this bill to another that’s not at all aligned with the best interest of Iowans. We need to act swiftly and tell leadership NO, we’re not Washington DC and that Iowans want this bill on its OWN. Our rights are NOT FOR SALE.
  • Please email House leadership and your state rep nowShare with them your stories of discrimination, denial of service, termination of employment, and other segregation and ask them to support the bill as a STAND-ALONE BILL!
  • HF2545 will prevent any legal entity in Iowa from asking for, or storing, an individual’s private medical information with regards to medical treatment status-including vaccination status-except for cases of care and treatment of the individual.
  • This bill will also prevent the discrimination of an individual based on their medical treatment status or whether or not they possess an immunity passport-including for employment.
  • This anti-discrimination bill has two enforcement provisions of liability for injuries or deaths caused, or loss of licenses and permits, for violating this law.
  • All states would do well to follow the lead of Iowa HF2545, which would hold institutions and entities accountable for these discriminatory actions.

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