URGENT: The FDA forgot its mission and needs your voice

The FDA is meeting to discuss annual COVID shots.

Our Stand: at-a-glance

  • The FDA’s advisory committee VRBPAC will meet January 26, 2023, to discuss “the future vaccination regimens addressing COVID-19.”
  • The FDA’s job is to ensure medical interventions available to Americans are “safe and effective.” They are not doing their job with the COVID shots.
  • Here are 3 key points to consider, and remember to put your comments in your own words so they are not rejected by the federal website:
    • The FDA is ignoring safety signals on the COVID shots.
    • The FDA is making plans for the COVID shot to be given annually like the flu shot, despite serious safety concerns and disappointing efficacy.
    • The FDA must be reminded they protect Americans, not the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The FDA is ignoring massive amounts of data and reports from Americans that the shots are not safe.
  • The FDA acknowledges the shots do not stop transmission. Even a Pfizer executive has admitted publicly they didn’t know if the shots were effective.
  • Despite safety signals and lack of efficacy, the FDA is still moving in the direction of modeling the COVID shot advice after annual flu shot recommendations.
  • The FDA is the gatekeeper for pharmaceuticals. Instead of acting with caution to slow or stop the authorizations of COVID shots, they are still moving full steam ahead, as quickly as possible, to create a plan for yearly shots for Americans for a shot that is still not approved, will not stop transmission, and has more adverse event reports than every vaccine combined for the last thirty years.
  • Pfizer’s shot is reported to be priced as high as $130 per shot after the initial $20/shot federal contract runs out.
  • There have been concerted efforts to hide information that the shots are not safe. We must raise our voices and get the information out, to protect informed consent.
  • Fight censorship by making a written comment today that will be presented to the FDA and available for all Americans to see.

SHF cannot give you a script because duplicate submissions will not be accepted. Use our points above and check out the blog, Unsafe and ineffective, here or at the link below, if you need more inspiration.

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