ACTION ALERT: SB471 prohibits mandatory vaccination of Pennsylvanians

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  • Senator Mastriano (R 33) filed SB471 to protect Pennsylvania residents from facing mandatory vaccinations. This is one of the most important bills of our time and needs your support today.
  • “Regardless of whether we agree with an individual’s decision to receive a vaccine or not, it is not our place to make that decision for them. The Pennsylvania Legislature must take action to affirm that individuals have the basic human right to decide what goes into their bodies. All vaccination decisions should be between a patient and their physician, including the right to informed consent, or informed refusal,” said State Senator Doug Mastriano.
  • In the midst of nonstop media coverage and intense public pressure from government and community leaders, many are wondering if they will be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine to keep their jobs.
  • There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to decline the vaccine. Among the most common are a conscientious objection, religious conviction, history of prior vaccine injury, and concerns over safety, including the lack of short- and long-term safety data.
  • It is unethical and immoral to mandate a fast-tracked vaccine for which there is no liability or to limit a citizen’s ability to work based on their acceptance of an experimental medical intervention. As such, we are urging all Pennsylvanian citizens to support SB471 to protect their right to informed consent and the freedom to decline the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Stand up for your basic human rights! Click below to email your local lawmakers and urge them to support SB471. Let them know that vaccination, especially with the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, must remain voluntary.

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“Should we really trust the most personal medical decisions to science-denying bureaucrats who thought it was a good idea to reject 150 years of germ/bacteria studies to send COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes to our most vulnerable population?” asked State Senator Doug Mastriano. “This irrational decision by our Secretary of Health led to the deaths of nearly 13,000 of our dearly loved elderly. Should such a person dictate what goes into your body? No, these unelected bureaucrats should never be able to coerce anyone in our commonwealth to make such personal medical decisions. There is simply no justification for this overreach. You and you alone should decide.”

A divide is growing between Americans who will opt in for a COVID-19 vaccine and those who will not. In A September poll from the Pew Research Center, roughly half of the more than 10,000 adults surveyed (51%) said they would “definitely” or “probably” get a COVID-19 vaccine had it been available then. When Pew conducted the same poll months prior, 72% said they would get it when it became available. The respondents who would “definitely” get it now stands at 21%, half of what it was last spring. The sharp decline comes amidst widespread concerns over the developmental process, side effects, and uncertainty about safety.

Click here to read the top five reasons the COVID-19 vaccine must be voluntary:

You cannot rely on the EEOC to protect the people’s choice and security of person. On December 16, 2020, the EEOC updated its guidelines to answer the question:

K.7. What happens if an employer cannot exempt or provide a reasonable accommodation to an employee who cannot comply with a mandatory vaccine policy because of a disability or sincerely held religious practice or belief? 

The guidance supports the practice of discrimination by allowing employers to require COVID-19 vaccines as a condition of employment and to even “lawfully” exclude the employee from the workplace if they choose not to receive the vaccine for religious or medical reasons if:

(1) no other legal protections apply, and

(2) the employer determines that an accommodation would be an undue hardship, more than a de minimus cost or burden, on the employer. (See Section K7.)

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry stands to make unprecedented profits from COVID-19 vaccines, which has created an entirely new investment pipeline with a captured market. That market that is supported by taxpayer dollars through Operation Warp Speed stands to increase exponentially if the COVID-19 vaccine is mandated.

Pennsylvanians must stand up for their basic human rights now. Every individual has the right to informed consent and to decline any medical intervention. Impress upon your local lawmakers that medical mandates do not belong in a free society. Click to send a pre-drafted (and customizable) email urging your officials to co-sponsor and support SB471. Let them know that personal choice, not pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in opting in or out of the new vaccine. This is particularly true when it comes to meeting a person’s basic needs, like maintaining their source of income.

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