Act Now Oregon: Protect medical privacy and prohibit vaccine passports

SB 872: Support Anti-Discrimination, Pro-Equality, Pro-HIPAA, Pro-14th Amendment & Pro-Bodily Autonomy

Our Stand

  • Our proud state of Oregon and our country decided decades ago that discrimination, for any reason, is unacceptable and that there is no such thing as Separate But Equal. Here in Oregon, we also have a known track record of respecting the healthcare choices and the medical privacy of individuals. SB 872 supports choice and privacy.
  • Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher’s bill, SB872, was filed to protect medical privacy and prohibit vaccine verification (vaccine passports).  In a surprise move this bill was assigned to the Senate Committee on Rules, yesterday, and we have less than 24 hours to have our voices heard!
  • Please stand up for medical privacy and against medical tyranny by prohibiting medical vaccine status verification. This is a violation of our basic privacy and protections in a free society and is a slippery slope when we review history when it comes to “paperwork verification.”
  • Although rights have already been given to us and are stated in both the United States and Oregon constitutions, we are none-the-less in a time where we must stand up for our rights again to remain a free society that is not beholden to special interests, big tech or “separate but equal” untested and dangerous policy precedents.
  • Send a letter to both the Senate Committee on Rules and your local Senator, asking them to support SB872.

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